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IOM Return Status Model


Statuses of a return.


For services using this model the statuses must be used prefixed with STATE_.

This means for the status INITIAL the following will be returned: STATE_INITIAL.

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The following table lists all states of Return Status Model with IDs and short descriptions.

INITIAL0Return initially stored in the database.
NOT_CHECKED999Validation of the return failed. The return has to be checked manually.
CHECKED1000Return was checked.
DO_ANNOUNCE4001Announcement of return to the order has to be done.
ANNOUNCED4100Successfully announced the return to the order.
DO_PROCESS3001Return is ready to process.
PROCESSED6000Return was processed.
DO_COMPOSE_RESPONSE4701Response to the shop has to be created from return.
COMPOSED_RESPONSE4800Created response to the shop from return.
DO_CLOSE7901Return process can be closed.
DO_CHECK500Modified manually and ready to process.
IN_EXTERNAL_PROCESSING8900Return is in external processing, because of errors.
NOT_CHECKED_DO_APPROVE995Validation of the return failed. The return has to be checked manually.
DO_APPROVE2001Validation failed. Return has to be approved.
APPROVE_MANUAL2099Return has to be approved manually.
APPROVED2500Return approved.
DO_PREPARE_DOCUMENT7001Required objects to create documents will be created.
PREPARED_DOCUMENT7100Required objects to create documents are prepared and ready to use.
WAIT_MERGE10000Return was stopped because of order merge. Status to wait without status transitions.
COPIED_FOR_MANUAL_EDIT9999Created copy of the message to be edited manually.
WAIT_PENDING11000Return was stopped after creation of new dispatch. Status to wait without status transitions.
CLOSED8000Closed return processing successfully.
APPROVAL_REJECTED8500Rejected approval.
FAILED9000Processing of return failed.


The following model shows the different states and the possible transitions between the states.


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