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IOM Order Position Status Model


Statuses of an order position.


For services, that are using this model the states must be used prefixed with STATE_.

I.e., for the state INITIAL it will be returned STATE_INITIAL.

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The following table lists all states of Order Position State Model with IDs and short descriptions.

INITIAL0Order position initially stored in the database.
CHECKED1000Order position was checked.
NOT_CHECKED998Order position has to be checked manually.
DO_ANNOUNCE2001Supplier has to be assigned.
ANNOUNCED2100Supplier was assigned to the order positions.
DO_CREATE_TRANSMISSION4001Order position ready to be submitted to the supplier. Order transmission will be created.
CHECK_ANNOUNCED2095Supplier was assigned to order positions but does not respect the configured tolerances. Assigned suppliers has to be approved manually.
NOT_ANNOUNCED2098Order position could not be assigned to a supplier. The order has to be canceled manually.
DO_OPTIMIZE2101Assigned supplier has to be optimized.
OPTIMIZED2200Finished optimization of assigned suppliers.
WAIT_FOR_TRANSMIT4099Order position is waiting to be submitted to the supplier, i.e., supplier does not support product reservation.
COMMISSIONED4500Order position submitted to the supplier.
DISPATCHED5000Order position dispatched.
COMMISSIONED_PARTLY_RETURNED4520Order position submitted and partially dispatched.
COMMISSIONED_PARTLY_DISPATCHED4540Order position submitted and partially dispatched.
COMMISSIONED_PARTLY_DISPATCHED_PARTLY_RETURNED4560Order position partially submitted, partially dispatched and partially canceled/returned.
DISPATCHED_PARTLY_RETURNED5100Order position/delivery dispatched and partially returned.
RESERVATED4200Reservation was submitted to the supplier.
NOT_ANNOUNCED_DO_CANCEL2099Assignment to a supplier failed, i.e., end of life (eol) of an product -> automated cancellation of order is configured.
RESERVATION_PARTLY_RETURNED4210Reservation revoked. Waiting for return.
NOT_CHECKED_DO_CANCEL999Order position canceled after order check.
CANCELED6200Order position canceled before submission.
DO_CHECK500Order position modified manually and ready to process.
COMMISSIONED_CONFIRMED4510Submitted order position to supplier and was confirmed by the supplier (response). Transient state for interfaces.
TRANSMISSION_FAILED4110Failed to submit order position to supplier. Transient state for interfaces.
ORDER_APPROVAL_REQUIRED1501Approval required.
DO_APPROVE1580Validation failed. Manual approval required.
NOT_APPROVED1599Approval was rejected.
DO_CREATE_APPROVALTRANSMISSION1540Transmission object for order approval has to be created.
CREATED_APPROVALTRANSMISSION1550Transmission object for order approval was created.
DO_PREPARE_DOCUMENT2501Required objects to create documents will be created.
PREPARED_DOCUMENT2600Finished creation of documents.
RETURNED6000Order position returned.
DO_PREPARE_RESPONSE2401Temporary response to the shop will be created.
DO_CHECK_ORDER_APPROVAL_REQUIRED2301Check for order approval.
WAIT_MERGE10000Order position/delivery was stopped because of order merge. Status to wait without status transitions.
READY_FOR_PICK_UP5200Order position/delivery is ready to pickup.
PICKED_UP5300Order position/delivery was picked up.
PICKING4600Order position will be prepared for dispatch/pickup.
DO_CUSTOM_PROCESS20000Order position/delivery was stopped because of a custom process. Status to wait without status transitions.


The following model shows the different states and the possible transitions between the states.


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