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This reference describes the pre-configured Intershop 7.10 jobs. It explains their purpose, the tasks they do, where to find them, as well as provides recommendations with regard to the job configuration. The document is intended to support administrative staff during the installation and configuration of Intershop 7.10. This also applies for multi-data center environments.


In general, Intershop recommends to enable only those jobs that are required for the proper operation of an Intershop Commerce Management system.

Job Table Glossary

Default StateThe job state after a dbinit/dbmigrate.
IsSiteSpecific[ True | False | Unknown ] indicator for data modification within affected tables:
  • True - data modification only for specific domain/site
  • False - data modification for all domains/sites
  • Unknown - unknown
Valid FromThe initial IS7 version the job is created.
Valid ToThe IS7 version, in which the job is obsolete and removed.
Job DependenciesThe dependencies to other jobs, respectively batch processes.

SQL Helper

SQL Helper to detect current job information from database:

col Domain          format a50
col Name            format a70
col DefaultState    format a15
select dn(domainid) as "Domain"
       ,name        as "Name" 
       ,decode(enabledflag, 0, 'Disabled', 1, 'Enabled') as "DefaultState"
  from jobconfiguration
  order by 1,2;

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