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Guide - Customizing E-mail Templates


This guide provides instructions on how customers or partners can override the standard ICM-AS e-mail templates in a customization. Overriding default e-mail templates in ICM-AS is straightforward, and this guide provides all the necessary information and sources of the default template files.

Template Sources

The template sources are not delivered with the ICM-AS Docker images. To facilitate customization, two file bundles containing all the template sources are attached here. Please download and extract these archives to access the template files:

Steps to Override E-mail Templates

Identify the Template to Override

Review the email templates available in ICM-AS and identify the one you want to customize. The template files are organized thematically in their respective folders.

Copy the Template to the Customization

To overwrite an existing template, the name and location must match. Use the same directory structure within the customization cartridge as in the sources.

If the customization cartridge for the new e-mail templates is named my_customization_emails, all the templates must be located below the base folder my_customization_emails/src/main/isml/my_customization_emails.
The template app_sf_headless_emails/default/email/order/OrderEMailNotification.isml can therefore be overwritten with the template my_customization_emails/src/main/isml/my_customization_emails/default/email/order/OrderEMailNotification.isml in the customization.

Gradle Build Configuration

To compile the customized ISML e-mail template files and make them available in the customization Docker image, it is essential to include the ISML Gradle plugin in your build file.

// build.gradle.kts example

plugins {
    // other plugins

description = "Customization - headless REST customized e-mails"

dependencies {
    // other required dependencies    

Also, make sure that the cartridge containing your customized templates is in your application's cartridge list. This step is critical for the new templates to effectively override the existing ones.

<!-- apps.component example -->

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<components xmlns="">
    <fulfill requirement="selectedCartridge" of="intershop.REST.Cartridges" value="my_customization_emails"/>
    <!-- other cartridge registrations -->

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