System Requirements - Intershop Progressive Web App 1.2

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Product Version


Product To Version


Operating System

Operating System (not included in the product)

Any operating system running Node.js

Web Server

Web Server (not included in the product)

Any web server running Node.js


Node.js (not included in the product)

Node.js version 14.x LTS

Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager (not included in the product)

npm version 6.x


Git (not included in the product)

Any Git service (in order to consume the provided Git project)

For development with Husky Git hook support Git >= 2.13.0 is required

Intershop Commerce Management

Intershop Commerce Management (not included in the product)

Intershop Commerce Management or higher


  • Mozilla Firefox 92 and later
  • Google Chrome 94 and later
  • Microsoft Edge 94 and later


JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to use the whole set of functionality.


Docker (not included in the product)
For building the docker image supplied with the Dockerfile in the root folder of the project (e.g. for production)

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