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Intershop Progressive Web App
Guide - Intershop Progressive Web App - Contributing to the Intershop Progressive Web App

Thank you for your interest in the Intershop PWA project.

We look forward for any kind of contribution.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted the Contributor Covenants Code of Conduct and we expect project participants to adhere to it. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.

Non-Code Contributions

You can contribute to the project without being a software developer. You can help by improving the documentation or analyzing the nature of an issue.

You have feedback? Please send it to

Contributor License Agreement

When you contribute please be aware that your contribution is covered by the same license as the whole project. In order to contribute you must apply to the Contributor License Agreement. If you are an employee of a company we also need the approval from your company that you are authorized to do so. This is mainly to protect you as an employee.

Please note that you do not have to do this right now but only once you want to submit your first pull request.

Please print the contributor license agreement and send it to

If you have any questions feel free to also send them to this email address.

Contribution process

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Use the develop branch for your edits
  3. Work on changes
  4. Comment the changes
  5. Check whether the changes comply with the the rules (design etc.)
  6. Create a pull request
  7. Add as much information as needed
  8. Reference the solved issue
  9. Wait for the review
  10. PR is approved, denied (with explanation) or sent back for further information
  11. We are trying to react as fast as possible to pull-request, issues, feedback and any other community interaction. However, we can’t guarantee a particular timeframe for every answer. We hope you understand and apologize for any inconveniences.

Commit Message Guidelines

In general we comply with the rules and formats of Conventional Commits.

We added the commit message linter commitlint to the project to check whether commit messages are correctly formatted.

With commitizen there is also a wizard available to help you fill out all required information when committing.

Install with npm install commitizen -g. Afterwards you can use it by calling git cz when you want to commit something.

There is also a VSCode extension for commitizen available.

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