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This support article is valid from PWA 0.20.0.

This article describes how to deploy an Intershop Progressive Web Application (PWA) for a demo server in production mode.

The production mode uses browser-side rendering with on-demand server-side pre-rendering (Angular Universal).

For more details about this option, see Intershop Progressive Web App - Deployment Scenarios.


Deployment Steps

  1. Check the system requirements for the PWA - see Overview - Intershop Progressive Web App System Requirements.
  2. Download the corresponding PWA version from

  3. Unzip the file.


    PWA <0.22.0: The directory name must not contain any dots.

  4. Change to the PWA directory.

    cd intershop-pwa-0.27.0
  5. Adapt the configuration file src/environments/ Set the property icmBaseURL to the corresponding ICM 7.10 system.

    import { ENVIRONMENT_DEFAULTS, Environment } from './environment.model';
    export const environment: Environment = {
      production: true,
      serviceWorker: false,
      icmBaseURL: '',

    Enabling service workers is not possible without using nginx. The Intershop PWA will not function as intended if you do.

  6. Build a PWA docker image.

    docker build -t <pwa_image_name> .
  7. Deploy and start the PWA docker container.

    docker run -d -p <port>:4200 --name <container_name> <pwa_image_name>

    To enable SSL the parameter -e SSL=1 must be added to the docker run command and the configuration parameter icmBaseURL must contain HTTPS.

    docker run -d -p 4200:4200 -e SSL=1 --name pwa pwa_0.27.0

    Helpful docker commands for container maintenance

    • Stop a docker container: docker stop <container_name|id>
    • Start a docker container: docker start <container_name|id>
    • Remove a docker container: docker rm <container_name|id>
    • List all running docker containers: docker container ls
    • List all created docker containers: docker ps -a -s
    • Display the log output of a running docker container: docker logs <container_name|id>
  8. To access the PWA, open a web browser with the IP of the server and the configured port - example:


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