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Intershop Progressive Web App
Guide - Intershop Progressive Web App - Extended Product Configurations with Tacton

We integrated Tacton CPQ for handling complex product configuration scenarios.

The PWA uses the self-service API to interactively configure a product and submit a firm proposal to Tacton CPQ.


First, activate the feature toggle tacton.
You will also have to provide an endpoint and mapping configuration.
This can be done by defining it in Angular CLI environment files:

export const environment: Environment = {

  tacton: {
    selfService: {
      endPoint: '<tacton-endpoint>', // without '/self-service-api'
      apiKey: '<self-service API key>'
    productMappings: {
      '<ICM-SKU>': '<tab-category>/<tacton-product-id>',

This configuration can also be supplied via environment variable TACTON as stringified JSON:

TACTON='{ "selfService": { "endPoint": "<tacton-endpoint>", "apiKey": "<self-service API key>" }, "productMappings": { "<ICM-SKU>": "<tab-category>/<tacton-product-id>", ... } }';

Product Mappings

Currently we only support product mappings via configuration.
In the future we will consider supporting specific custom attributes configurable via ICM back office.


When encountering a configurable product, the PWA directs to the configuration page, where the product can be composed.
The PWA supports committing and un-committing various parameters with available UI elements.
When encountering configuration conflicts, the user is queried for accepting a given conflict resolution or discarding the last changes.
Upon completing the last step, the user can submit the configuration.
This creates a cart with required user attributes on the Tacton CPQ side and submits a Firm Proposal.

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