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Support Article - Time Increments Calculated in Seconds, Minutes, Hours

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1 Introduction

This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 24A87 and the title Time Increments Calculated in Seconds, Minutes, Hours.

Attributes and preferences often require time entered in increments such as seconds or minutes.

2 Example

The following table is meant as a quick reference for time increments:

Time incrementIn secondsIn minutesIn hoursIn days
1 hour =3600 seconds60 minutes1 hour
1 Day =86400 seconds1440 minutes24 hours1 day
1 week =604800 seconds10080 minutes168 hours7 days
1 month =2592000 seconds43200 minutes720 hours30 days
6 months =15552000 seconds259200 minutes4320 hours180 days
1 year =31536000 seconds525600 minutes8760 hours365 days
2 years =63072000 seconds1051200 minutes17520 hours730 days


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