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Intershop Commerce Management 7.10 supports MS-SQL as additional data base type besides oracle. This guide documents the resulting changes in deployment.

Deployment Changes

The database section within the settings.gradle must be adapted. So the two attributes databaseType and jdbcUrl are added to the section. Further details about the deploying ICM 7.10 can be found here: Cookbook - Deployment Tools ICM 7.10

database {
+     databaseType = 'oracle|mssql'
+     jdbcUrl = '<FILL IN>'


The desired data base can be selected: Either oracle or mssql written in small letters.

The selection of the database type does not select or deselect the database driver (jars, cartridges). Both kinds of databases are supported by the application server. Only the configuration is adapted by this.


The JDBC connection URL depends on the data base type.


jdbcUrl = 'jdbc:sqlserver://<HOST>:<PORT>;databaseName=<DBSCHEMA_NAME>'

Oracle With SID

jdbcUrl = 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@<HOST>:<PORT>:<SID>'

Oracle with Service Name

jdbcUrl = 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<HOST>:<PORT>/<SERVICE_NAME>'

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