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1 Introduction

The present page serves as an overview for the topic. All available documents for the topic can be found here.

2 About the Topic

2.1 Pipelets

In Enfinity Suite 6/Intershop 7/Intershop Commerce Management development, pipelets are small, re-usable units of Java code (one type of pipeline building blocks) that perform discrete business functions.

2.2 Pipelines

Depending on the context, "pipeline" may refer to different concepts:

  1. Developer
    In Enfinity Suite 6/Intershop 7/Intershop Commerce Management development, it refers to the fundamental architecture that describes all business workflows. Pipelines connect pipelets to model complex business processes, and call appropriate ISML templates to turn the results of a business process into a response that is sent back to the user client.
  2. Sales
    In the sales context, it describes the individual steps salespeople take in the sales process: from the initial contact with a potential customer ("prospect"), to qualifying that prospect into a "lead", and further validating that lead into a "sales opportunity" followed through stages like meeting and proposal until the "close".

The documents listed below refer to the Developer context.

3 Overview

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