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1 Introduction

In case of Solr index maintenance errors or executions, the following guideline will help you to collect important log information from Solr maintenance operations logged in ICM AS and Solr Cloud server logs.
This article mainly focuses on custom appender which does collect Solr index related db statements, classes, pipelines, pipelet execution from search index maintenance operation triggered by schedule job or back office GUI interaction.
Further you can see the queries, which are triggered to the Solr Server. Additional you will know which log files are important to analyze Solr index issues.

2 Setting up a Special Logging

To set up the special logging, you need to perform the following steps.
As result SolrAdapter.log is written below \eserver\share\system\log for further analysis.

  1. Use and adjust log appender for index names/needs.

    The log appender does generate dedicated log output from Solr index maintenance operation or index queries.
    The only thing to adjust is the index name mentioned in your Intershop Commerce Management, because it can be specific.
    In the following example, the log appender will collect index maintenance information from ICM back office search index with name product-search-idx-en_US.

  2. Enable ICM performance sensors inside \eserver\share\system\config\cluster\ and restart affected AS.


    As result, the provided Solr log appender is able to log runtimes from pipelines, pipelets or db statements you may need for (performance) analysis.

  3. Start index creation by using back office multiple times, or by SMC job.

  4. Collect and check below information after the test:
  • ICM Solr appender logs written in \eserver\share\system\log
  • ICM related batch log files from affected unit/site, example: \eserver\share\sites\inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site\units\inSPIRED-inTRONICS\batch\log\*.*

  • Solr Cloud Server logs from all nodes and Zookeeper logs



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