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The wireframes listed here contain interaction designs for storefront pages. Elements and functionality of the Intershop Progressive Web App are displayed and explained. Based on this documentation new features can be designed and developed.

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Each ZIP file contains:

  • A clickable prototype. Open HTML/index.html to see the start page. From there you can navigate directly to other pages via the sitemap.
  • The editable *.rp Axure file. Please note: The file was created with Axure RP 9 and cannot be opened in previous versions.

Interactive Prototype

There are features on some pages which are interactive. Use the 2nd icon next to the Axure logo and select the option "Show Hotspots".

Responsive Design

The design is responsive in the same way the starter store is.

The breakpoints are:

  • Phone (xs): less than 768px
  • Tablet (sm): 768px and up
  • Desktop (md): 992px and up

To see the different layouts, you can resize your browser, or you can use the drop-down to switch between the views.

Page Notes

The prototype is described with page and widget notes. Use the 1st icon to show the documentation.


Any feedback is appreciated.

Write an e-mail to UserExperience2@intershop.de


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Tacton CPQ Integration


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