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Guide - Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) Technical Report Levels

1 Introduction

This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 2K2618 and the title Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) Technical Report Levels.

ICI offers various technical Reports: Basic, Extended, Market and Hoster Reports. This article offers general information on them. Basic and Extended technical Reports are covered by a Support Agreement.

2 ICI Reports

ICI reports show all activities of your Intershop installation and visitors to your store in detail. Multiple report categories are available and every user can view tailored statistics to the user's area of responsibility. The available reports depend on the level of your support contract and the version of Intershop software in use.

2.1 Basic Reports

Basic Reports are available to all customers with a Maintenance Support and Maintenance Support Plus contract. They provide essential technical information to get an overview of your installation:

  • Access overview
  • Response times
  • Sessions
  • Entry pages, exit pages
  • User agents
  • Referrer hosts
  • Application server errors
  • System activity report

2.2 Extended Reports

Extended Reports are available to all customers with a Maintenance Support Plus contract. Customers with a Maintenance Support contract can add the Extended ICI Reports as an additional option to their contract. The following report categories are part of the Extended Reports:

2.2.1 Technical Reports

Analyze site-specific data on system functionality:

  • Access overview
  • System response times
  • Processing times per pipeline
  • Pipeline usage
  • Pipeline performance
  • Application server errors

2.2.2 Marketing Reports

Analyze customer behavior across the entire system or per site:

  • Sessions
  • Session details
  • Clicks per session
  • Session duration
  • Entry pages, exit pages

2.2.3 Hoster Reports

Leverage cross-system performance and utilization reports to support smooth technical operation:

  • Processing times per application server
  • Requests per application server
  • Application server errors
  • System activity reports
  • Global session reports

If you do not have selected this option in your contract, you can ask us to generate a few Extended Reports in advance that are based on your own data. By doing so, you get to see example results that are directly related to your business.

An additional feature for Shops hosted by Intershop itself are business reports. They offer product views, orders and their processes, Customer geo-locations, internal searches and conversion rates.

For questions regarding your contract status, please contact your Support Administrator.
For questions regarding the ICI or any other technical issue, please contact the Support Team.


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