Guide - ICI Sending Reports and Dashboards as E-mail


The ICI is capable of sending reports as HTML e-mail. You can send e-mails recurring using a schedule or directly. This article will guide you through the steps to set up a IC Mail, including the setup of schedules and the configuration of dashboards or reports to be sent out.


Recurred sending of ICI Mails

Setting up a ICI Mail involves two aspects: The schedule that sends out the e-mail and the dashboard or report that is being sent out as e-mail content. There are four basic rules concerning the ICI Mail delivery:

  • You can define more than one ICI Mail per report, for example, with different filters or different time spans.
  • You can send out more than one ICI Mail with one schedule.
  • An ICI Mail is assigned to one schedule. Deleting the schedule will delete the ICI Mail as well.
  • An ICI Mail is assigned to a given site context. If you try to delete a site context used in an ICI Mail, you will receive a warning. Confirming the deletion will deactivate the ICI Mail. You can assign the ICI Mail to another site context later on.

Example for the architecture of the system:

Configuration Steps

To set up a new ICI Mail you want to send recurring please follow the configuration steps below.


Specify one or more e-mail addresses the report shall be send to. To create an e-mail address go to “Mail System \ Addresses” in “My Account”.

Create a new address. The ICI will send an e-mail containing a verification code.

To verify and activate the address, enter the verification code.


Mail Schedules

Create a schedule to define the times the ICI Mail should be send.

Go to “Mail System \ Schedules” in “My Account” where you defined the address before.

Create a new schedule:

  • Name: Choose a name.
  • Active: Activate or deactivate the schedule.
  • Time Zone: The time zone to be used by the schedule.
  • Run once on: The schedule will run only once at a specific time.
  • Recurring: The schedule will run in recurring intervals on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly base.
    • Starttime: Select one or more times of day the schedule should run.
    • Start on: Select a date to start the recurred sending of the mails.
    • End on: Select a date to stop the recurred sending of the mails or a predefined number of iterations.



Go to the report or dashboard you want to send in “Reports”.

Configure it as desired:

    • Set the filters
    • Close / open boxes
    • Configure the charts and tables.

ICI Mail

Select the “configure mail” - icon.

The first dialog lists all ICI Mails that are already defined for the current report or dashboard. By selecting the corresponding button you can configure, copy or delete this ICI Mails.

To create a new ICI Mail select the plus button as you did before to create an address and a schedule.

Configure the ICI Mail:

  • Name: Choose a name, which will also be used as subject for the ICI Mail.
  • Site context: Select a site context.
  • Time span: define the time span to be used for the ICI Mail, relative to the send time.
  • Addressee: Select the addressees the ICI Mail should be sent to.
  • Schedule: Select the schedule to send out this ICI Mail.
  • The last lines (state / next start ) give you information about some properties of the selected schedule.


There are several options to monitor and administer your ICI Mails in "My Account".

Mail System

Besides the option to deactivate single schedules you can deactivate your mail system. No ICI Mails will be send from your account during the time your mail system is deactivated.

Mail Schedules

Administer your ICI Mail Schedules in “My Account”. Go to the menu "Mail System \ Schedules". The following actions are possible:

  • Check the state of a schedule.
  • Activate / deactivate the schedules.
  • Modify the schedule's configuration.
  • Clone a schedule (use a current schedule configuration as template for a new one).
  • Delete a schedule.
  • Remove ICI Mails from a schedule.
  • Go to a ICI Mail configuration page.

ICI Mails

To administer your ICI Mails in “My Account”, go to the menu "Mail System \ Schedules". Here you see a list of all configured mails.

You can copy or delete ICI Mails here or jump to the corresponding report or dashboard for further changes.

Sending Mails Directly

If you want to send a ICI Mail directly in “Reports” you can do that without configuring a schedule.

Select the “Send mail directly” - icon.

Insert a subject and select the addresses you want to send the ICI mail to.

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