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This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 25543V and the title System Monitoring powered by Intershop: The Intershop Commerce Insight and the ID 227P86 and the title Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) - Overview.

The Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) is a powerful analytics and reporting tool. It provides the opportunity to analyze system behavior in detail, for example: Analyze performance issues, check request and session trends, quick identification of new issues and many more.

The tool can be used for operation, development, testing teams and business and technical management. Of course, Intershop Support also uses the tool to evaluate technical queries.

For Intershop customers the basic ICI is included in the Maintenance Support Contract, extended reports are available within a Maintenance Support Plus Contract (see here in detail: Guide - Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) Technical Report Levels).



The Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) at a Glance

For a short overview this presentation tells all basics about the Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI):

If you are interested in using the ICI or desire more information, please send an e-mail to
A support engineer is going to contact you to help you configuring the data transfer between your E-commerce application and the ICI.


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