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Concept - Product Links Bulk Assignment

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This document describes the creation of product-to-product and category-to-product links via the product link assignment bulk operation. The bulk operation allows the shop manager to link multiple target products or categories to multiple source products.


Product Links Bulk Assignment

This diagram shows how the product links bulk assignment operation can be triggered from the back office.
When the wizard is finished, a new batch job is created internally and the new links are created as part of that job.

Linking products to multiple source products is very similar to creating links for a single source product. The main difference is that the selected target products can contain products that are also selected as source products and already linked products:

  • If the target product is the same as the source product, no link is created
  • If the target product is already assigned to the source product (including shared links), no link is created.
  • Otherwise, a new link between the source and target products is created.

If one of the special link types (Warranty, Gift Wrap or Gift Message) is selected, only the products that are assigned to the corresponding service types classification categories are available for selection.

As with product to product links, all categories can be selected as target categories:

  • If a category is already assigned to the source product (including shared links), no link is created.
  • Otherwise, a new link between the source product and target category is created.

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