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  • ICM 7.10
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Public Release Note - Cybersource Service Connector 1


Welcome to the Intershop Cybersource Service Connector. The service connector adds Cybersource payment methods to your Intershop installation.

This document provides important product information, including version information and dependencies. It also outlines the basic setup and configuration steps.

PCI Compliance

The least burdensome level of PCI compliance is SAQ A. To achieve this compliance, the connector securely captures sensitive payment data using the validated Cybersource APIs.
To meet this requirement, UI integration has to render secure iframes for the payment card and card verification number input fields by using Cybersource's Flex Microform. These iframes are hosted by Cybersource and payment data is submitted directly to Cybersource through the secure Flex API, never touching your systems.

This UI integration is provided by the PWA by accessing the connector through the Intershop REST API.


APIApplication Programming Interface
CVCCard Validation Code
ICMIntershop Commerce Management
motoMobile Order / Telephone Order
PWAProgressive Web App

REpresentational State Transfer

UIUser Interface


Version Information and Dependencies

This delivery and the accompanying documentation are valid for the following combination of software versions:

IntershopSupported Application TypesPWA*Cybersource Service Connector

1.1.0 - 1.1.2 +intershop.REST1.

* Please see PWA release documentation in GitHub for details.

The next table provides information about the cartridges included in the package.

ac_payment_cybersourceIncludes all base functionality and business logic which is used.(tick)

The Cybersource Service Connector is based on the Payment API introduced in IS 7.6.

Supported Application Types

The Cybersource Service Connector can be used for the following application types:

Application TypeApplication Type IDDescription
Progressive Web Appintershop.RESTBusiness to Customer and Business Channel via REST API

Documentation for the REST API can be found here:


For information on setup, customization and configuration, please refer to Guide - Setup Cybersource Service Connector.

Feature Overview

Payment Methods

The Cybersource Service Connector adds the following payment methods to your Intershop 7 system:

Payment Method TypePayment MethodAuto CaptureManual Capture*Cancel*ReduceRefund
Credit Card

Credit Card Payment supported by Cybersource

(tick)(tick)(tick)    (error)(error)

* Only available if the corresponding payment method's Capture Mode is set to manual.

Payment Management Options

The following table lists all options for payment transactions that can be triggered manually in the ICM:

CaptureRequest for settling the payment. This action is only available if the corresponding payment method's Capture Mode is set to manual.
CancelRequest for abandoning a payment settlement. This action is only available if the corresponding payment method's Capture Mode is set to manual.

Data Handling

The following table describes transmitted data by the Cybersource Service Connector from ICM to Cybersource during the payment process:

DescriptionCybersource Payment Methods

Credit Card
Initial amountAmount for the transaction(tick)
Currency detailsCurrency code e.g. USD(tick)
Customer detailsCustomer first name, last name, and e-mail(tick)
Merchant order idOrder reference generated by the merchant(tick)
Commerce indicatorType of transaction (internet, moto, install, recurring, and recurring_internet)(tick)
Address detailsInvoice and shipping address details(tick)
Line items detailsDetails regarding product, shipping, discount, tax, gift card(tick)
Payment instrument IdTokenized identifier for customer account that can be stored and used for future transactions(tick)
Credit card details

Card number, CVC, expiry date. Sensitive data is handled via Flex Microform iframes only and is never stored at the merchant.



No known limitations.


Version CYBERSOURCE/1.3.0

Version CYBERSOURCE/1.2.5

  • New feature: save credit card for later reuse
  • Fixed: payment method not applicable on incomplete configuration
  • Fixed: no error log entries written for business use cases

Version CYBERSOURCE/1.1.2

  • Upgrade of used Cybersource SDKs (to solve Log4j cve-2021-44832, cve-2021-45105)

Version CYBERSOURCE/1.1.1

  • Upgrade of used Cybersource SDKs (includes fix for CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability in Apache Log4j library)

Version CYBERSOURCE/1.1.0

  • Reduced dependencies to increase compatibility to used Tomcat versions (before Tomcat 7; and above: Tomcat 9)

Version CYBERSOURCE/1.0.0

  • First release including credit card payment method
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