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Guide - Contact Center Keyboard Interaction

1 Introduction

The Contact Center application respects the keyboard shortcuts defined by the common operating systems and browsers to avoid confusion of the user with divergent shortcuts. Therefore the CC has a set of shortcuts of its own.

There are several web sites that deal with the shortcuts of operating systems and browsers:

2 Useful Libraries

The plugin jQuery Hotkeys supports the handling of keyboard events.

3 Shortcuts

Controls have to be put in a useful order so that the user can navigate them via tab key. Therefore, they should have an attribute tabindex to specify the position in the tabbing order.
It must be possible to interact with the Contact Center application with defined shortcuts.

3.1 Implementation

The global shortcuts are defined in ContactRoute.js and can be adapted easily. For example look at page:

Guide - OCST (Omni-Channel Services Toolset) Keyboard Interaction.

3.2 Used Shortcuts

3.2.1 General

Key EventAction
Alt+KShows all possible shortcuts of the page (shortcut hints)
Alt+HShows online help of the Contact Center
ALT+ECustomer search switches between the simple customer search and the extended customer search.
ALT+IOpens the customer overview page
Alt+OOpens the Quick Order page
ALT+BContact session pages starts a co-browsing storefront session
ALT+COpens the Coupon page
ALT+LOpens the stores list
Alt+QFinishes the current contact session

3.2.2 Login Page

Key EventAction
EnterLogin at the Contact Center

3.2.3 Welcome Page

Key EventAction
Alt+sShows the customer search
Alt+cShows the coupon page

3.2.4 Customer Search Form

Key EventAction
Alt+eShow the extended search
EnterSearch for a customer
Alt+aAssign a customer

3.2.5 Coupon Page

Key EventAction
keyUp/keyDownSelect a promotion
EnterCreate a coupon code

3.2.6 Quick Order

Key EventAction
Alt+oShows the quick order page
Select drop down boxes and select items

4 Navigation with Arrow-Keys

Detail information about implementation here:

Guide - Keyboard Interaction - OCST (Omni-Channel Services Toolset) section Navigation with Arrow-Keys

5 Testability

General information about the testability in a OCST application here:

Guide - Keyboard Interaction - OCST (Omni-Channel Services Toolset) section Testability


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