Concept - Intershop Reference Payment Services

1 Introduction

The Intershop reference payment services are provided in three different cartridges (+ source code) within the Intershop7 system. The standard payment services are stored in ac_payment_std, gift payment services in ac_giftcard_std and demo payment services in ac_payment_demo.

The question is, why does Intershop deliver reference payment services?

We want to address different purposes. The Intershop standard payment services and gift card service can be used - out of the box - in a real customer production environment. Whereas the Intershop demo payment services show one way, how to develop a payment service connector for an Intershop 7 system and can be used as a blueprint. We are using these payment services in our demo environment inSPIRED to the test the checkout and payment business use cases we want to address to the customer. To demonstrate the whole Intershop 7 feature set we need of course the Intershop reference payment services too.

What is the benefit for the customer?

  • Use the Intershop standard payment services and gift card service out of the box
  • Use the Intershop demo payment service as a blueprint to develop your own payment service (connector)
  • Use the Intershop reference payment services to consider the possible payment and checkout business use cases in the Intershop 7 application
  • Use the Intershop reference payment services to test payment and checkout business use cases in the Intershop 7 in an early state of the development or project.
    Errors and defects will be minimized, development effort as well as the test effort will be reduced - minimizing the project risk.

Download Class Hierarchy Diagrams

Since some of the class hierarchy diagrams are quite large and tricky to be displayed in the document this document also provides a download zip-folder containing all the diagrams as *.png files.

1.1 References

2 Standard Payment Services

Invoice, Cash on Delivery, Cash in Advance, Direct Debit are available out of the box in Inershop 7 as standard payment services. Their name best describes the usage. In our demo shop inSPIRED the services are enabled, configured and ready for usage. In a new sales organization you have to:

  1. Enable the payment services in the Operations application.
  2. Create managed services before you can add the standard payment services to a channel.

When all configurations are done the customer can select the payment method during checkout on payment page without adding additional data.

Only when using direct debit the user has to fill in the name of the account holder and the international bank account number. Optionally the bank identifier code can be filled in.

After selection of such a method the user jumps to the review page in checkout and can submit the order.


Payment MethodDescription







All payment methods provide implementation classes, required configuration as well as the initilization for inSPIRED. They are ready to use.

2.1 Features

IDNameSupported CapabilitiesPropertyGroups
ISH_CASH_IN_ADVANCECash in AdvanceOfflinePayment-
ISH_CASH_ON_DELIVERYCash on DeliveryOfflinePayment-
ISH_DEBIT_TRANSFERDirect DebitOfflinePayment, ValidateBankingInformationSEPA
ISH_INVOICE_TOTAL_ZEROZero PaymentOfflinePayment-

2.2 Workflow

2.3 Class Hierarchy


3 Gift Payment Services

Gift cards are stored as physical gift certificates and as digital goods in Intershop 7. After the purchase the buyer get a number and PIN (only for gift cards) of the chosen gift product.

If you want to use gift cards and gift certificates as limited tender you have to fill in those numbers on the payment page. Depending on total amount you have to chose another payment method to cover the full total amount. A multiple tender is possible in Intershop 7.


Payment MethodDescription




3.1 Features

IDNameSupported CapabilitiesPropertyGroups
ISH_GIFT_CARDGift Card / CertificateAuthorize, LimitedTender, Validate, RefundGiftCardInformation

3.2 Workflow

See standard payment service workflow.

3.3 Class Hierarchy


4 Demo Payment Services


Payment MethodDescription





4.1 Features

IDNameSupported CapabilitiesPropertyGroups


ISH Online PayRedirectAfterCheckout, Refund-


ISH Demo Credit CardRedirectBeforeCheckout, Validate, Authorize, Cancel, Capture, Refund


ISH_FASTPAYISH Fast PayFastCheckout, Authorize, Refund-

4.2 Class Hierarchy

4.2.1 Credit Card

4.2.2 Online Pay

4.2.3 Fast Pay


This feature uses the Standard-Payment API 2.0. Intershop Commerce Suite patch 7.6.1 or later required!

4.3 Type: "For Authorization": ISH Online Pay

It simulates a payment service like sofortüberweisung or giropay. ISH Online Pay is a payment service that aggregates the payment information of the customer to trigger a bank transfer from the customer's bank account to the shop's bank account.


If you use an active approval service, ISH Online Pay is not available in checkout in inTRONICS Business. This is because the redirect would be executed after the order creation which needs an approval.

4.3.1 Workflow

4.4 Type: "Before Checkout": ISH Credit Card

It simulates a payment service with credit card methods. ISH Credit Card is a payment service that transfers the credit card data to an external payment service provider (ISH Pay) at the payment selection step. There, the shopping system gets a token for that transaction. If the test customers are placing the order, they must enter the Card Security Code, and the token is transferred back to the payment service provider. In case of success, the token and the payment transaction is assigned to the credit card data of the customer at the payment service provider ISH Pay.

4.4.1 Workflow

4.4.2 Configuration - Additional Settings

  • Use Automatic Capture
  • Capture Time (duration in min until the order is captured)
  • Enable Address Data Transfer
  • Gateway [StandardPaymentGateway|ExtendedPaymentGateway]
  • CC Verification using 3-D Secure

4.4.3 Credit Card - Demo Data

Demo data for testing and demo

Intershop provides the following credit card demo data alongside with the product for demo and testing purposes.


Please have in mind, a redirect for credit cardsonly occurs by using credit card numbers 4111-1111-1111-1111 and 5555-5555-5555-4444.

4.5 Type: "Fast Checkout": ISH Fast Pay


This feature uses the Standard-Payment API 2.0. Intershop Commerce Suite patch 7.6.1 or later required!

It simulates a payment service like PayPal Express. It starts at the shopping cart where the user is redirected to the ISH Fast Pay service. There, the user prepares the whole checkout. If this was successful, the user is redirected back to the shop system. Here the the order must be confirmed.

4.5.1 Workflow

4.5.2 Configuration - Additional Settings

  • Use Automatic Capture
  • Capture Time (duration in min until the order is captured)
  • Enable Address Data Transfer


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