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Guide - Generic Interfaces for External Accounting Systems

Table of Contents

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The present guide is addressed to developers and describes the required steps to link the IOM to an external accounting system. Please refer to the Reference - IOM ImpEx Interfaces (valid to 2.0) for an overview of the the provided import and export formats.

General Configuration

This section describes the general configuration of a finance controller, i.e., external accounting system. The following queries or query snippets are to be executed on a SQL command prompt or console of the IOM database.


  1. Create an entry/row in the table oms."FinanceControllerDO" for the required finance controller.

    INSERT INTO oms."FinanceControllerDO"("id", "name") values 
        (nextval('"FinanceControllerDO_id_seq"') , 'Name of FinanceController')

    In these examples, an entry with a name 'Name of FinanceController' is created. Kindly use an appropriate name.


  1. The added finance controller needs to be qualified as a partner for future communications (with shop).

    INSERT INTO "PartnerReferrerDO" ("id", "financeControllerRef") values 
    	(nextval('"PartnerReferrerDO_id_seq"') , (SELECT "id" FROM "FinanceControllerDO" WHERE "name" = 'Name of FinanceController'));


  1. Assign/map the shop to the external finance controller.

    INSERT INTO "Shop2FinanceControllerDO"("id", "financeControllerRef", "shopRef", "financeControllerShopName", "description") values 
        (nextval('"Shop2FinanceControllerDO_id_seq"') , --id 
    	(SELECT "id" FROM "FinanceControllerDO" WHERE "name" = 'Name of FinanceController'), --financeControllerRef
    	10000, --shopRef
    	'XYZ', --financeControllerShopName
    	'Debtormanagement der XYZ for Shop ABC.'); --description and end of insertion query

Additional Configuration


  • To define which bean is used to send the transmission for the specific partner referrers and transmission type.
  • It is possible to use a custom implemented sender bean which is configured in CommunicationDO.

As the following query is different for various scenarios (e.g., IOM ImpEx Creditor Management - Export Open Payments a.k.a. Unpaid Amounts of Dispatches (valid to 2.1) and IOM ImpEx Export Open Positions), please do not execute the following query as is. The columns communicationRef and sendingPartnerReferrerRef have to be manually specified with appropriate values.

INSERT INTO "CommunicationPartnerDO"("id", "decisionBeanDefRef", "splitTransmission", "communicationRef", "sendingPartnerReferrerRef", "receivingPartnerReferrerRef", "maxNoOfRetries", "retryDelay", "mergeTypeDefRef") values
        (select id from "CommunicationDO" where "key" = Name of Key), -- enter the required key here
        (select id from "PartnerReferrerDO" where "shopRef" = your shopId), -- enter the required shop ID (e.g. 10000) here
        (select id from "PartnerReferrerDO" where "financeControllerRef" = (SELECT "id" FROM "FinanceControllerDO" WHERE "name" = 'Name of FinanceController')),

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