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Intershop does not provide any code quality service as part of the Intershop development environment. However, it is possible for partners to include their own services and service configurations. Therefore, Intershop provides an Azure DevOps base installation including additional Azure DevOps extensions and build agents with the necessary components, such as JDK 11.

Various code quality services are available in the cloud, and customers / partners can use their own service subscription. In some cases, it may be necessary to install additional plugins or tools to use the service.

Using Your Own Code Quality Service

To use your own service, an Intershop Service Desk ticket is needed which contains information about the necessary components and configurations for the service, for example, SonarQube Extension for Azure DevOps.

Intershop provides agent pools with pre-installed JDK 8, JDK 11, and JDK 17. The agent pool should be used in a pipeline via the provided library and variables.

Use Azure DevOps pipeline library 'azure-devops-build-machines' with the following variables:




Intershop recommends using the library and the specified variables instead of the original agent pool name.

The maximum number of virtual machines in the build agent scale set is two.

Pipeline example: 

  • Usage of build agent pool with library and variable

  • Usage of JDK 11

  - group: azure-devops-build-machines # BUILD_AGENT_POOL | To get all variables from the library

- stage: ExampleStage
  pool: '$(BUILD_AGENT_POOL)' # Library variable key

    # Use preinstalled jdk11
    # 8 and 17 are also available
    - task: JavaToolInstaller@0
      displayName: Install JDK11
        versionSpec: '11'
        jdkArchitectureOption: 'x64'


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