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Reference - CI Dependencies of Intershop Commerce Management

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1 Introduction

This document describes the connection between Intershop Commerce Management (ICM) releases and their according Intershop Gradle Tools releases.

In general you can use newer versions of Gradle Tools than the initially bundled ones, but you must not use older versions. That is, you may use Intershop Commerce Management alongside with Intershop Gradle Tools 2.7, but it is not possible to use it with former versions of the Intershop Gradle Tools, e.g., Gradle Tools 1.1.

The document also lists the appropriate CI Bootstrap / CI Setup Template and the affiliated version of the Responsive Starter Store.

2 Mapping

Starting with ICM 7.8 the Intershop CI Setup Template on Github is used. Find the proper versions here:

ICM VersionGradle Build VersionGradle Deployment VersionIntershop CI Setup Template VersionProgressive WebAppResponsive Starter Store Version



32.3.2 29.0.2 28.0.2

27.0.1 26.1.6 22.0.4 20.0.1

19.0.4 (error)8.1.0 (error) (error)7.2.0 (error)
ICM VersionInitial Gradle Tools VersionIntershop CI Setup Template VersionResponsive Starter Store Version

 ICM 7.4 to 7.7 uses the Intershop CI Bootstrap. Find the proper versions here:

ICM VersionInitial Gradle Tools VersionIntershop CI Bootstrap VersionResponsive Starter Store Version (error)2.4.5 (error)

(error) – release was retracted and is no longer available

3 Download Links

Info Intershop Gradle Tools 2.3

Intershop Gradle Tools 2.3 were the first version to be available via public repository and the last version to be available as DVD/zip file based delivery.To get the Intershop CI Bootstrap via public repository, please use your local repository server's proxy repository and add the suffix according to the following table:


Suppose your local repository server is available via http://<your-reposerver:port>/nexus, your proxy repository for the Intershop public repository is named ishrepo and you are looking for the Intershop CI Bootstrap 3.3.0, then the absolute URL is:http://<your-reposerver:port>/nexus/content/repositories/ishrepo/com/intershop/build/infrastructure/intershop-ci-setup-bootstrap/3.3.0/
ArtifactsVersionURL relative to Proxy Repository
Intershop CI Setup Template Versionmaster
Intershop CI Bootstrap Version3.3.0com/intershop/build/infrastructure/intershop-ci-setup-bootstrap/3.3.0/
Intershop CI Bootstrap
Responsive Starter Store Versionsince 3.0.0
replace <version>-placeholders:
Responsive Starter Store - Component Set
Responsive Starter Store Version1.0.1 to 2.x.x
replace <version>-placeholders:com.intershop.public.source/a_responsive/<version>/zips/a_responsive-zip-src-<version>.zip
Responsive Starter Store - Component Set

Responsive Starter Store - inSPIRED B2C Assembly

Responsive Starter Store - inSPIRED B2X Assembly
Intershop Progressive Web Appall listed versions
replace <version>-placeholders:com/intershop/public/source/intershop-pwa/<version>/intershop-pwa-<version>.zipExample:
Intershop Progressive Web App

4 References

4.1 Intershop Gradle Tools - Public Release Notes

4.2 Intershop System Requirements Sheets

System Requirements Sheets for Intershop Commerce Suite version 7.6 or later


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