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Concept - IOM Custom Properties

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1 Introduction

Intershop Order Management (IOM) has the ability to add additional information to various business objects, e.g., for return requests, with the help of predefined custom properties. This document describes the basic concepts of custom properties and the configuration of predefined custom properties within the IOM. The target audience are consultants and developers.

1.1 Glossary

IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management

1.2 References

2 Custom Attributes

As a concept of customization, the IOM uses custom properties in order to add additional information to various business objects. The following objects are based on this concept:

  • DispatchDO
  • DispatchItemDO
  • DispatchPosDO
  • DispatchPosTransmissionDO
  • DispatchTransmissionDO
  • OrderDO
  • OrderPosDO
  • PaymentNotificationDO
  • ResponseDO
  • ResponsePosDO
  • ResponsePosTransmissionDO
  • ResponseTransmissionDO
  • ReturnAnnouncementDO
  • ReturnDO
  • ReturnPosDO
  • ReturnPosTransmissionDO
  • ReturnTransmissionDO

The concept also provides the ability to store additional information in the form of property group, property key and property value.

property group

The property group can be used to group/categorize the properties.

property key

The property key is the identifier of the custom property . It has to be unique per property group.

property valueThe property value is used to store the custom information.

3 Configuration of Predefined Custom Properties

Because it may be necessary or helpful under certain circumstances (e.g., custom additional information is useful or required), the IOM extended the concept of custom properties by having the ability to configure a predefined property group, property key pairs in a shop and business object related context. For further details, please see the Cookbook - IOM Configure Predefined Custom Properties.


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