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Concept - IOM Feature Toggles of OMT

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1 Introduction

Intershop Order Management (IOM) has the ability to enable or disable feature of the OMT. This document describes the basic concept of feature toggles in OMT. The target audience are consultants and operations.

1.1 Glossary

IOMAbbreviation for Intershop Order Management
OMTAbbreviation for Order Management Tool, the graphical management tool of the IOM

2 Feature Toggles

Feature toggles can be used to enable or disable features in the OMT and have an effect on the entire application. So the project can decide to use a feature or not.

By default, with introduction each new feature will be disabled.

The toggles can be configured in the database table omt."FeatureToggleDTO". Please see Reference - IOM Database Documentation for more details.
When loaded once, the configuration of all active toggles is cached.

The following features can be managed by the toggles:

FeatureDescriptionSince Version
Order Progress Bar

A visualization of the order state at the order details page


There are several features that are still managed with other database tables and not with the feature toggle yet.


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