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1 Introduction

The present page serves as an overview for the topic. All available documents for the topic can be found here.

2 About the Topic

2.1 Test Framework

Generally, test frameworks provide software testing methods that allow for automatically testing sets of one or more computer program modules together with associated control data, usage procedures, and operating procedures, to determine whether they are fit for use. Intershop 7 and Intershop Commerce Management support the following test frameworks:

  • JUnit
  • HtmlUnit
  • Intershop's test model framework

2.2 Test Case

Test cases are derived from user stories, system use cases and IADs. They exist in the context of system components and releases and are executed automatically or manually. A large number of successfully executed test cases generally indicates a good component and/or release quality. QA engineers own the testcases.

Automatic test cases rely on test frameworks.

2.3 Test Execution

Test execution describes the action of running test cases. The results are documented within the test management tool "Silk Central Test Manager" (SCTM). Failed tests normally lead to a new raised defect (in the regarding Jira project).

Test execution planning is done in SCTM. Using this tool Quality Assurance defines all progression tests and regression tests (including NFR testing).

The analysis of the test executions serve as input for

  • performance report
  • Intranet reporting
  • QA protocol

3 Overview

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