Description The Scheduling section had a description text in an earlier version which can be seen in the SMC Online Help. It's not available anymore at least since 7.6 (no older demo server was available.) Furthermore the text for the section Site Management is missing as well. Actual Behavior The Schedules
AWI-94842 • 22-May-2024 • Bug
Description The customer reports the following to the topic OCI Punchout. His opinion is that the class PunchoutPricePlaceholderImpl and the line: price = punchoutConfigurationContext.getLineItem().getSingleBasePrice(); should be replaced with the discounted single base price e.g.: price = punchoutConfigurationContext
AWI-94831 • 12-Jun-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Created URLs for "intershop.REST" static pages in PWA3 sitemaps are incorrect. Steps to Repeat 1. Open the file "domainsplittings.xml" under "<server>/share/system/config/cluster". 2. Add a valid domain splitting entry where the host name matches the host from the "intershop.WebServerSecureURL"
AWI-94830 • 22-May-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Static pages of "intershop.REST" applications cannot be selected for sitemaps under the "Target" tab. Steps to Repeat 1. Open the ICM and switch to the "inTRONICS Business" channel. 2. Go to "Catalogs" > "Product Data Feeds" and click "New". 3. Enter a "Name" and "ID" and click on "Apply"
AWI-94822 • 23-May-2024 • Bug • Responsive Starter Store
Description A lot of error messages occur in case the connection between application server and database is broken. "Error while trying to send a heartbeat signal over a non-alive connection of JDBCSharedConnectionPool [currentPoolSize=15, maxPoolSize=20]." The non-alive connections will be removed and
AWI-94727 • 22-May-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Configuration: shop 1 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (Shop2SupplierDO are active) |_> shop 2 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (allowParent=true) (Shop2SupplierDO are not active) |_> shop 3 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (Shop2SupplierDO are active) product data and inventory A and N files for shop 1 and both supplier
AWI-94702 • 12-Apr-2024 • Bug • IOM 4.7, IOM 5.0
Description TheSearchIndexProductPriceChangeListener sets a lastIndexStartTime at the config but never save the config. // update config searchIndex.getConfiguration() .setLastIndexStartTime(new Date()); Furthermore the event listener only processes the products with price change events but not all potentially
AWI-94701 • 22-May-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The edit environment faces the behavior that an update of index configuration (e.g. adding an attribute) does not lead to a touch / update of the related ish-config.xml in the channels site directory. However the file IS updated in the same directory. The circumstances
AWI-94700 • 23-May-2024 • Bug • Solr Cloud
Description A null value in Shop2SupplierDO."allowParentStock" will cause a jpa error when loading the entity as the setter/attribute expects a primitive boolean. The database column should hence be defined as not null (it has already a default set to false). Otherwise such errors will be triggered:
AWI-94641 • 12-Apr-2024 • Bug • IOM 4.7, IOM 5.0
Description After upgrade from ICM to jobs executions get stuck often. Based on the SMC process details of the last execution and also based on the PROCESS table these "Running" jobs finished already. null Bug null Verified Closed null Blocker AdoWorkItem 94639 Products Schedules
AWI-94639 • 14-Jun-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Configuration: shop 1 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (Shop2SupplierDO are active) |_> shop 2 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (allowParent=true) (Shop2SupplierDO are not active) |_> shop 3 (supplier 1 and supplier 2) (Shop2SupplierDO are active) product data and inventoryA and N files for shop 1
AWI-94596 • 12-Apr-2024 • Bug • IOM 4.7, IOM 5.0
Description NullPointerException in ReCaptcha v3 when the Recaptcha cookie is absent (empty). Steps to Repeat There is an issue with a NullPointerException in ReCaptcha v3 when the store customer refused the google cookies. The NPE happened here: at com.intershop.adapter.captcha_recaptcha.internal.v3
AWI-94599 • 14-Jun-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Replication state set to failed because of an error during resource cleanup. Steps to Repeat After the replication ran without any apparent error, the resulting state has been set to failed. The logs point to an issue with the resource cleanup: ErrorFeb 9, 2024
AWI-94592 • 14-Mar-2024 • Bug
Description When you create a new shipping rule and click on Apply when "Select Shipping Action Type" is still displayed and you verify the rule afterwards (without setting a proper Action) you will run into an error page. This affects 7.10 and ICM11 Workaround is to set a proper Action type and verify
AWI-94587 • 22-May-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description URLRewriteHandlerMgrImpl can't be replaced by project version, because a direct cast to URLRewriteHandlerMgrImpl is contained in RuleSetLoadingStrategy. The server start throws an error: [2024-02-19 13:47:16.559 +0100] ERROR localhost ES1 appserver0 [] [] org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase
AWI-94526 • 22-May-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Actual Behavior Manually crediting charges results in the charge prices displayed as 0.00 at order overview. Meanwhile, the total price does not change resulting in the overview being inconsistent. Expected Behavior As with manual credit notes of positions, manually crediting charges should not affect
AWI-94485 • 11-Jun-2024 • Bug
null User Story null Acceptance tests pass Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 91101 Release Products Products 91106 Parent 91114 Related iom-testframework/4.5.0 iom/4.5.0
AWI-91101 • 29-Feb-2024 • User Story • IOM 4.5
Description There is a bug in bc_mvc/staticfiles/cartridge/queries/product/GetProductClassifications.query regarding the assigned classifications in the product section. It should filter on product domain otherwise it could show incorrect assignments from other domains. Steps to Repeat Pre: 2 Channels
AWI-94452 • 18-Apr-2024 • Bug
Description in ICM back office at "Channel > Applications > Application - Shopping Cart & Checkout"there is a message "Values larger than 100 can result in longer response times." This message is displayed at the input field for BasketMaxItemQuantity, but the message is intended for BasketMaxItemSize
AWI-94417 • 25-Mar-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description After the activation of the job "Update Shop Statistics" on Prod Edit and Prod Live at the 12th Jan (job runs hourly) we saw a high IO related load on the Prod database. Therefore we had to deactivate the job again at the 14th Jan. Can you please provide an optimized job implementation, that
AWI-94408 • 18-Apr-2024 • Bug
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