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07-Dec-2020 ⋮ CONCARDIS-379 ⋮ Defects ⋮ Concardis
Description: Concardis sents notifications to ICM. These contain an accept header about what type
29-Jul-2020 ⋮ CONCARDIS-309 ⋮ Defects ⋮ Concardis
The payment method Alipay is currently not usable and leads to cancelled orders. The user is send back
19-May-2020 ⋮ CONCARDIS-308 ⋮ Defects ⋮ Concardis
The payment method SEPA Direct Debit is not usable without CreditCard enabled. The JavaScript is not
16-Apr-2020 ⋮ CONCARDIS-298 ⋮ Defects ⋮ Concardis
The ServerGroup is most likely to be null in REST. That causes that the generated notification URLS are
29-Oct-2020 ⋮ CONCARDIS-214 ⋮ Defects ⋮ Concardis
Steps to repeat Send an arbitrary request to the /payment sub-resource of the inTRONICS storefront
20-Oct-2020 ⋮ 292K09 ⋮ Wireframes ⋮ Intershop Progressive Web App, Concardis
Overview - Intershop Progressive Web App ⋮ Overview - Intershop Progressive Web App Wireframes Table
19-Jan-2021 ⋮ 29135S ⋮ Release Notes ⋮ ICM 7.10, Concardis
Overview - Additional Modules ⋮ Overview - Payment Extensions Table of Contents 1 Introduction
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