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07-Aug-2023 ⋮ AWI-87603 ⋮ Task
Description Some solutions are no so complicated and do not require support from the vendor or developer
11-Jul-2023 ⋮ AWI-87604 ⋮ Task
Description Some solutions are proprietary or require licensing even for Prove of Concept (PoC). Some
11-Jul-2023 ⋮ AWI-87605 ⋮ Task
Description Process data obtained during the meeting with vendors and mirror it in the report
30-Nov-2023 ⋮ AWI-87520 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Solr Cloud
Description ICM replication process does fail on BackupAndRestoreSolrCloudIndexesDecorator.onPostReplicationHook
01-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-87503 ⋮ User Story ⋮ Solr Cloud
Description Replication from search indexes especially the Backup and the Restore does consume lot of
11-Oct-2023 ⋮ AWI-87469 ⋮ Bug
Description The customer reports the following behavior. Read the log output and the corresponding request
18-Oct-2023 ⋮ AWI-87404 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description When account manager for a b2b customer was removed via replication you will get an error
14-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-87243 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description ICML XML product retail set import scenario in UPDATE mode does lead to ProductPO.refreshParentEOLs
20-Oct-2023 ⋮ AWI-87237 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Responsive Starter Store
Description Downloaded PDF's are cut-off on the border edges or are misaligned. Steps to Repeat Go to
29-Nov-2023 ⋮ AWI-87194 ⋮ Bug
Description If product name contains html code, due to missing escaping the numbers are not displayed
14-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-87171 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description The table name for "isorderapprovalstep" in "sp_deleteOrders.sql" for Oracle DB is wrong
28-Jun-2023 ⋮ AWI-87097 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.5
Description Modified products will be checked by a job. For this purpose, they are registered in the
11-Oct-2023 ⋮ AWI-87088 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description When a process such as a product import is trying to acquire resources that are locked by
14-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-87076 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description The customer use the stock notifications REST API and if the product is offline he gets
13-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-86977 ⋮ Bug
Description At ICM11, Staging is not supported. But for early adapters at development possible. "
05-Sep-2023 ⋮ AWI-86951 ⋮ User Story ⋮ ICM 7.10, Solr Cloud
Description Optionally allow the Solr replication to rebuild the inconsistent search indexes instead
22-Nov-2023 ⋮ AWI-86950 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description Our SequenceGenerator are bound to a database sequnce. When a  allocationSize > 1 is
28-Jun-2023 ⋮ AWI-86941 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.5
Description The order payment method is missing in the new document mapper in IOM 4.5 (DocumentMapperDefDO
28-Jun-2023 ⋮ AWI-86901 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.5
Description The generated invoice calculated the wrong value for the aggregated invoice. For a specific
11-Oct-2023 ⋮ AWI-86851 ⋮ Bug
Description The customer describes that sometimes the localization export fails in their production live
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