Description response of /products/<sku> contains defaultCategory info in case this category is not available (e.g. due to Catalog Views), the REST API still shows this info -> a follow-up REST call to this category then leads to 404 -> if this info is used to render the breadcrumb, the customer sees
AWI-75618 • 30-Sep-2022 • User Story • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description The DeleteAppendDomainSpecificStagingProcessor provides a wrong feature description which does lead to wrong replication transfer expectation Steps to Repeat The Operations BO GUI does describe the below feature behavior: "The DeleteAppendDomainSpecificStagingProcessor is used to replicate
AWI-75595 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description CAAS customer production environment is still running into AS connection reset db issues with MS JDBC driver and MaxIdle/MinIdle/MaxTotal definitions Steps to Repeat CAAS customer production environment is still running into
AWI-75587 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The List of Config Param Defs (CPD) in the advanced search will now contain more entries, which are also extended with the resourcesetid (see screenshot). To keep the ui clean, there is a ui change required for the select field. Translation for designers: please provide IAD for a list which
AWI-75496 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description The Pipelet GetConfigurationParameterDefinitions should list all Config Param Defs (CPD) for a given Pagelet and also for Lists of pagelets. With lists, it should remove duplicates, to get a clean Set of CPD. However, the CPD are only compared by displayname, not by qualified name, which
AWI-75494 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Actual Behavior Creating a dispatch returns HTTP 400 w/o any explanation if called w/o property "supplierStateCode" Expected Behavior An error message in the response body. null Bug null New New null Major AdoWorkItem 75490 REST Endpoints - Communication Products Products iom/
AWI-75490 • 20-Apr-2023 • Bug • IOM 3.7
Description Under some circumstances the replication process tries to rollback a closed database connection. The error.log contains Suppressed: The connection is closed. at com.intershop.beehive.core.capi.staging.process.StagingStateThread.*** core_review
AWI-75423 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description Listing product reviews in ICM Back Office is slow when thousands of reviews need to be listed. The pipeline ProcessReviewStatistics-GetReviewStatistics is affected. Repro Steps 1) open ICM and login to inSPIRED organization 2) switch to the inTRONICS channel 3) go to Catalogs > Product Ratings
AWI-75417 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description After setting the right certificate as Helm parameter, the database connection failed with following message: psql: error: connection to server at "" (, port 5432 failed: could not read root certificate file "/tmp/root.crt.1": no
AWI-75373 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • IOM 4.1
Description ProcessProductImport pipeline doesn't recognize when this import was triggered with process chain. This detection is needed to determine if the rebuild search index and cache refresh is needed. The current detection with the process type with the help of the ProcessChainMgr doesn't work correctly
AWI-75322 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description Starting with Tomcat 9 stopping an appserver won't de-register it from Eureka. Instead, it takes several minutes until it disappears from Eureka server list and another few seconds to remove it rfom the configuration servlet. In the mean time, the webadapter tries to request the stopped appserver
AWI-75315 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description During the last production deployment (code deployment without ICM related changes) some of the application servers failed to start. It needed several restarts to get all application servers running again. Both the Prod Edit (2 application servers) and the Prod Live system (4 application
AWI-75239 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description 100 items with 50ct taxes total --- cancelling/returning 50 items does not refund any tax Steps to Repeat geb tests IOM-75234-01 and IOM-75234-02 Actual Behavior new order with 1 position: qty: 100, netTotal: 10€, grossTotal: 10.50€ cancelling/returning 50 items leads to 5€ refund Caused
AWI-75234 • 05-Jun-2023 • Bug • IOM 4.4
Description The customer got ORA-01489 in every trial to review catalog sub categories in the back office. manual assignments of products was then not possible anymore. The customer is about to migrate from 7.7.5 to - and in the older version there was no problem with that use case. Repro Steps
AWI-75226 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description Products assigned to a product data feed are not automatically marked as selected in some cases. E.g. when all products from a specific category or all products from a search result are assigned via "Assign All" button. This leads to the removal of the existing product assignments as soon
AWI-75219 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description It seems that the RequestModule in this context of PDF rendering is not thread-safe for annotation @RequestScoped. -- stacktrace [2021-12-16 08:57:01.511 +0000] ERROR ES1 appserver0 [] [] [] [Unknown]
AWI-75221 • 13-Sep-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description (1) SupplierID In case no supplier + id is maintained for product: the produced cXML document contains empty supplier id which seems to cause problems with Coupa ERP system: <SupplierID domain=""></SupplierID> If no supplier information is provided the tag should be removed. Further investigations:
AWI-75214 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description In case of a successfully exported order, status matches IOM (mostly). If the exact same order is then exported again from ICM (user error, other reasons) the result is that the order is flagged as export failed and the correct status can no longer be seen in ICM. Steps to Repeat Copied from
AWI-75207 • 21-Nov-2023 • Bug • IOM Connector
Actual Behavior When creating dispatches with unknown line items, ValidateDispatchPTBean fails with a NPE Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at deployment.process-app-$checkSupplier
AWI-75204 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • IOM 3.7, IOM 4.0
Description A same tax may be registered more than once in TaxDO with different tax rates , but their time ranges (if defined) must not overlap. The trigger function oms.check_4_overlapping_taxdos_trf should prevent it, but it still only consider the countryDefRef which have been deprecated in favor
AWI-75186 • 22-Mar-2023 • Bug • IOM 4.0
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