Description The PendingPaymentOrderCreationChain is skipped when the notification is processed before the callback. The issue is also present when implementing the NotificationRouting capability. Use cases: Callback completed before Notification Notification comes in before callback Notification only
AWI-91614 • 08-Feb-2024 • Issue • ICM 7.10, Responsive Starter Store
Description updates from solrj8.11.1 to 8.11.2 sets match version in solrconfig from 8.9.0 to 8.11.2 null Issue null Moved out of state Resolved Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 83270 Search Search Service Impl Products Products 0 Fixed in Commit 83122 Predecessor responsive/32.4.1 responsive/34.2.2 solrcloud/3
AWI-83270 • 22-May-2023 • Issue • Responsive Starter Store, Solr Cloud
Description Solr Index build creates a lot of "info" logs like: Solr API request ListAliases was successful Solr API request DynamicFields was successful added 500 documents to index, status:0 ... This logging is moved to debug level. null Issue null Moved out of state Resolved Closed null Major AdoWorkItem
AWI-78724 • 21-Jun-2023 • Issue • Solr Cloud
Description Steps to Repeat: Login SF inTRONICS Business as a user who is the main user of his company e.g Go to My Account -> Branding Click "Browse..."-Button Choose a picture, click "Open" and "Upload"-> it is shown correct Choose a xml/log/pdf/e.g-file click "Open" and
IS-23992 • 09-Feb-2024 • Issue • ICM 11, Responsive Starter Store
Description A basic catalog category navigation search/browse operation does generate URLs with escaped URL parameter characters - this is not fine for Google Analytics A4 processing ( GA4 ) Steps to Repeat - setup ICM - browse/search in the inSPIRED inTRONICS channel in the catalog category
AWI-95867 • 19-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Adding an expanded value to SalesPriceCalculatorBeanDefDO will result in an exception and stop the further checks of the expanded enum values during the deployment, without stopping it though. background: the enum check does not cope with name differences between the java attributes and the
AWI-95834 • 22-Apr-2024 • Bug • Intershop Order Management
Description When the GetCatalogByCategory pipelet is called for a category, which has no parent, it will run into a NPE. Such a scenario is created, when the parent of the category is deleted via category import (see #94635). null Bug null Verified Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 95796 Product and Catalog
AWI-95796 • 18-Apr-2024 • Bug
Description When assign categories to search index filters the customer has the following observations on checkbox selection/deselection: Issue-1 ( CS0003134_01.jpg / CS0003134_02.jpg ): When the "Select All" link in Assign categories section is clicked and after that one sub-category is deselected the
AWI-95729 • 22-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The rebuild of the stored procedures that takes place during the migration contains some drop/create trigger statements. (background: there is no create trigger IF NOT EXISTS... statement in postgres.) It appears that these statements require an exclusive table lock which may cause dead locks
AWI-95660 • 22-Apr-2024 • Bug • Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.7
Description If the "Regular Replication Process" job fails for some reason, it may close the currently used db connections of another running replication process. This is the error message on the Live system: [2024-02-07 06:35:00.628 +0000] [StagingProcessThread275925919] ERROR - Pipelet ProcessReplication
AWI-95616 • 15-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description ShortLink Import in DELETE mode is prepared in the ElementBulkerShortLink but cannot be used, because the bc-foundation.xsd does not allow the import mode at the element of ShortLinkType and the backoffice does not provide a DELETE mode option for the short link import. - The customer wishes
AWI-95614 • 17-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description It is not possible to create a new contract for customers when using a German locale. Steps to Repeat 1. Open the ICM and switch to the "inTRONICS Business" channel. 2. Go to "Customers > Customers" and open a customer (e.g. "AgroNet"). 3. Switch to the tab "Account Managers" and click "New"
AWI-95463 • 17-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Steps to reproduce the bug: Prepare database: BEGIN; -- Event registry configuration --> Trigger Mail Event Manager INSERT INTO "EventRegistryEntryDO" ( "id","creationDate","modificationDate", "processesRef","version", "eventDefRef","shopRef","description") SELECT nextval('"EventRegistryEntryDO_id_seq"')
AWI-95458 • 22-Apr-2024 • Bug • Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.7
Description The query bc_b2b/release/queries/quote/SearchQuotesByOwner.query does not work for 2 scenarios with MSSQL: 1. Under microsoft dialect, CONTAINS method is written on 'stringvalue' column of productlist_av. But it is giving error : "Cannot use a CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate on table or indexed
AWI-95445 • 08-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Graceful shutdown does not work / no on(Pre)ShutdownHooks are executed Steps to Repeat - in "" set "intershop.shutdown.gracePeriod=60" - in global "" set "cs.poll.interval=10" - in "logback-main.xml" set level DEBUG for "com.intershop.beehive.core
AWI-95426 • 03-Apr-2024 • Bug
Description The DeleteDomainReferences does not delete the corresponding entries for COSTOBJECTTYPE and COSTCENTERBASE. With Oracle and enabled constraints the following error is thrown: SQLTransactionRollbackException: ORA-02091: transaction rolled back ORA-02292: integrity constraint (INTERSHOP.CO
AWI-95385 • 18-Apr-2024 • Bug
Description Staging fails after update to ICM 11.10.0 at table PRODUCT. Reason: Column BMECATALOGID has been introduced in 11.10.0. It is available in tables PRODUCT$1 and PRODUCT$2, but not in views PRODUCT$S and PRODUCT$X ! That's why the following staging statement fails: INSERT INTO PRODUCT$1 (.
AWI-95352 • 03-Apr-2024 • Bug
pac-man-review null Bug null Fixed Resolved null Blocker AdoWorkItem 95354 RESTbased Storefront Products Products 0 Fixed in Commit 94720 Parent as/11.10.1
AWI-95354 • 18-Apr-2024 • Bug
Description ExecuteSQLScriptPreparer execution from microsoft ddl.sql drop_ctx_indexes function throws exception DROP FULLTEXT CATALOG statement cannot be used inside a user transaction. Solution possible after new option of ExecuteSQLScriptPreparer Some SQL operations require the connection to execute
AWI-95325 • 15-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Assuming the settings intershop.authentication.expires.idtoken=50 intershop.authentication.expires.accesstoken=5 intershop.authentication.expires.refreshtoken=60 the PWA obvioulsy relies on the "expires_in", which is the expire time of the id_token. But, the relevant token for being logged
AWI-95303 • 02-Apr-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
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