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03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-387 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: A modeled localizable attribute with type int results in code like: public int
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-386 ⋮ Bug
Steps to repeat: Open eStudio in Java Perspective Close all open documents Open two pagelet2 models
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-384 ⋮ Bug
Problem-Description (by Support):* EnfinityStudio 2.7.1_79 debug a pipeline use more than 1 breakpoints
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-385 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior (by Support): Priority: low Problem in the EStudio pipeline comparer It causes
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-383 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: all breakpoints are only marked (as disabled) but furthermore active Expected behavior:
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-382 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: element checker creates error message: Start node 'XXXX' is not protected using an
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-379 ⋮ Bug
Problem-Description by Support: An active open pipeline view within editor will be marked as changed
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-380 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When searching for references of a start node the search aborts and reports no findings
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-369 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Raises error: Write access to field 'blockSize' should probably moved into the init()
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-372 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Whenever the pipeline editor has to repaint something extreme cpu load can be observed
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-367 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Within my workspace with 47 cartridges after an refresh to all cartridges at once
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-364 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Some pipelets using dynamic parameters to access the pipeline dictionary. These are
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-365 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: refactoring of pipeline (strict and private) start parameters (not otional) not possible
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-363 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Invalid tag error is shown for the templatemarker paramaeter Multiple annotations
04-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-362 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Decision notes can handle string "equals" and "not equals". Sometimes it would be
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-360 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When refreshing a catridge in the cartridge explorer, the following message appears
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-361 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: saving of pipeline after changing permission not possible Expected behavior: saving
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-357 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When double-clicking at a call-node, the called sub-pipeline will be focussed. Thats
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-358 ⋮ Bug
Problem-Description by Support: In eStudio 2.7 the properties window of the pipeline editor for selected
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-356 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: EDL: alternate key(sourceCategoryID, targetCategoryID, domainID, typeCodeInteger);
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