Support Article - Creating a New Ticket for Intershop's Technical Support and Service Desk Team


This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 94L13 and the title Information to Provide when Opening a New Intershop Customer Support Incident.

This article is meant to serve as a checklist for opening Technical Support & Service Desk tickets. By providing the following information, our engineers can resolve tickets more quickly.

How to Submit a Ticket

A new ticket can be opened by using the web form on the Customer Support Web site under Support Tickets | New Ticket. Alternatively, use the e-mail addresses

Necessary Information

Please provide as much information as possible from the list below. Please see also the Additional Hints.

1. Administrative Information

  1. Your contract ID or, if you are a hoster or partner opening a ticket on behalf of one of your customers, the contract ID of your customer's support contract.
  2. Your name, especially when you open a request using the web form.
  3. If you have open tickets and want to open a new one, do not just reply to the e-mails belonging to one of the open tickets. Simply write a new e-mail if the problem is not related to one of the other cases. Otherwise, the tickets may mix up, causing unnecessary confusion on both ends and delaying the problem resolution process.

2. Technical Information

Please provide:

  1. The exact Intershop product version of the product to which your ticket refers.
  2. The type of licence (Platform or on-premise, for the latter specify operating system and its version).
  3. If the problem concerns the database or another 3rd party product, specify its version. For example, the version of the Oracle/MSSQL Client and Oracle/MSSQL Server you use.
    Platform customers should add an appropriate note that says "Platform" in this case.
  4. The severity of your issue (major, critical, standard).
  5. Information on the time of error occurrence or desired activity, e.g., during deployment.

Optionally provide a priority.

3. Content-related information

Information regarding a change

  1. Check if the information you want to provide need to be documented in Confluence first (like new IP addresses, users for Jenkins and/or Azure DevOps, domain names, etc.)

Information regarding an issue

  1. In case of an error, describe what error occurred, and where the error occured.
  2. Search the log files for error-related entries. For Platform customers, this should be done by the developer. Basically this is the implementation partner, but sometimes the customer too. 
  3. Check the error message and / or log files, maybe the problem can be recognized and fixed by yourself.
  4. If not, attach the error messages and / or the log files.

    If the file size exceeds 6 MB, use an option for sharing large files with Intershop Customer Support. See Support Article - Sharing Large Files with Intershop Customer Support.

  5. In case of an erroneous behavior, please describe the behavior, most preferably by providing a step-by-step description that can be used to reproduce it. You may utilize our demo servers to reproduce the error in a standard environment.
  6. Please mention what is expected and what is shown.

Additional Hints

The following numbers refer to the subsections of Necessary Information above:

1.1 You find your support contract number on your support contract or in the Support portal after log in.

1.3 The Customer Support trouble ticket system groups all e-mails containing the same ticket ID to an 'interaction'. So if you reply on an e-mail belonging to another 'interaction' (or ticket) to register a new problem then this e-mail is automatically added to the existing ticket, and no new ticket is opened.

2.1 You find the Intershop product version at the following places:
    INTERSHOP 7: in the SMC site after having logged in
    INTERSHOP 7, Gradle based versions see or send the $IS_HOME and $IS_SHARE ivy.xml for "revision" number of the <info> tag AND the "rev" number of the <dependency org="com.intershop.assembly"...> tag.

2.2 For example, Platform, SLES 12 or Windows 2018 Server

2.3 For example, Platform or Oracle/MSSQL Client / Oracle/MSSQL Server

3.1 For example, "Transmission Problems" error messages in the Browser (Storefront)

3.2 For example, the error message: "... no configuration service for request ..." in webadapter.log

The most important log files are located in the following places:

    INTERSHOP 7: $IS_SHARE/share/system/log (error-*.log, debug-*.log), $IS_HOME/webadapter/log (webadapter.log), $IS_HOME/log (appserver#.log)
    some older Linux systems: /var/opt/intershop/eserver1/log/...

For Platform see below:

3.3 For example, the error message "... no configuration service for request ..." indicates that the appliction server can't be contacted, maybe it isn't started? Solution: start the Application Server

3.4 Please compress log files before you attach them to an e-mail. Alternatively, when the log file size is bigger than 6 MB, upload the archived log files to the Intershop Customer Support FTP server.

3.5. For example

  Steps to repeat:
  1. In B2B, create a Pricelist PL1, assigned "Everyone" as target group
  2. Choose a product (e.g. 10809311) and add a pricelist price for our pricelist of 333 USD for 1 item (click "Special Prices to add the price")
  3. Check the storefont, search for G3610 and see that the price is 333 USD (OK)
  4. Login as pmiller and see that the price is now 993 (WRONG)
  5. Log out again, price is 333 (OK)

Sometimes, problems occur when trying to change configuration parameters or add functionality to the system. Do not just tell the support engineer about the problem but also about the goal you have in mind. Sometimes, a different approach can lead to better results and avoid problems.

How to Submit a Ticket via Webform

We also provide web forms below the Tickets section to address recurring topics. These web forms collect all the required information and should be used to avoid additional questions and speed up the process.

Several forms are available:

  • Change request

  • Database request (read and modify)

  • Deployment request

The forms should contain all the required information. Please read and follow all instructions and notes.
If you have additional information, please use the text box at the bottom of each form.

If you think there is something that could be improved about these forms, please contact

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