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28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81347 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description see linked tickets REST API RMA 2.11 Expected Behavior Possibility to add none, one
29-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81323 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description Repro Steps Actual Behavior It seems that some returns and cancellations remain in
29-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81312 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description TODO: checkout the yaml that everything is correct and non-breaking show final solution
29-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81248 ⋮ Bug
Description Outside of the shopping cart and mini cart, the gross prices for products can be incorrect
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81158 ⋮ Bug
Description Currently missing subtotal discounted values are just set from the not-discounted values
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81146 ⋮ Bug
Actual Behavior REST API RMA returns HTTP 500 when getting OPTIONS null Bug null New
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81125 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Solr Cloud
Description Replicating a schema-changed (adding fields etc.) search indexes from edit to live. Customers
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81093 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Actual Behavior The invoice aggregation job is rather slow and gets issues with race conditions after
22-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81091 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Solr Cloud
Description Error when adding, removing or changing Solr synonyms in the ICM backoffice if many synonyms
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-81041 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Create an order that stay in a status that not created any mails before. Actual Behavior
29-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80977 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description The customer complained about a very slow access for the first customer that logs in into
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80980 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Actual Behavior Currently, unused values in PromotionLO are mapped to BigDecimal.ZERO.As theses values
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80908 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description When querying orders-states via the REST API order, a NullpointerException is raised if a
29-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80878 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description When trying the POST /baskets endpoint in the Swagger UI, no Content-Type is set for Basket
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80870 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description The initial dump contains information about database user, which leads to an error if another
24-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80857 ⋮ Bug
Description Importing a category with a space in the name passes the validation step, but results in
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80799 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Actual Behavior When creating an order, e.g. using REST API, specifying only one of the gross or net
10-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80719 ⋮ Bug
Description dbprepare throws warn message about "Skipping to change PRODUCTPRICECHANGEEVENT.LASTMODIFIED
28-Nov-2022 ⋮ AWI-80642 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description Internal: The order total price do not have discounted prices REST model:       In my understanding
26-Oct-2022 ⋮ AWI-80563 ⋮ Bug
Description OMT: Order detail overview shows undiscounted order total instead of discounted value
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