Description Current behavior: Order status is "Complete cancellation after validation" in OMT. (~order state: NOT_CHECKED_DO_CANCEL) Expected behavior: Order status is "Cancelled" in OMT. Copied from Repro Steps when changed from Escalation to Problem Create order with 2 order lines. Order contains 1
AWI-91607 • 15-Feb-2024 • Bug • IOM 5.0
Description A long running/failed replication process was not reset by edit and live AS restart A replication cluster did start a replication process.During this time an k8s/AS restart has been executed which did lead prod-edit replication process leave/still "In Progress" Steps to Repeat A replication
AWI-91273 • 22-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 11
Description The deployment does not fail as expected when an expanded enum value is not yet persisted to the corresponding database table. This planed precondition check was introduced with iom/4.2.0 (
AWI-90952 • 06-Feb-2024 • Bug • IOM 5.0
Description Using an initialization cartridge init_[organization] for the tax configuration. The dbPrepare runs successfully but the tax configuration cannot be set for a product see the following screenshot Steps to Repeat Note: I simplify the and removed the StagingSystemTypeWrapper
AWI-91576 • 09-Feb-2024 • Bug
Description BMECat import with large data set (>150000 products) and more than 1 bulker thread throws The connection is broken and recovery is not possible. The connection is marked by the client driver as unrecoverable. No attempt was made to restore
AWI-91561 • 22-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 11
Description Setting the budget period of a cost center, its buyers or of a user to "yearly" is (mostly) not possible. This applies to both the PWA and RSS storefronts. Via the RSS storefront however, the budget period can be set to "yearly", but only for existing users. According to the following documentation
AWI-91481 • 22-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description Under some circumstances the sql statement is closed, but not removed from JDBCConnection, so an OutOfMemoryException can occur. null Bug null Verified Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 91464 Infrastructure Products Products ICM 0 Pull Request 91345 Parent as/11.7.1
AWI-91464 • 11-Dec-2023 • Bug • ICM 11
Description Creating search index throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 1 out of bounds for length 0 at java.base/java.util.ArrayList.add(Unknown Source) at java.base/java.util.ArrayList.add(Unknown Source) at com.intershop.component.mvc.internal.searchindex
AWI-91439 • 25-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description We have seen a lot of [core] Exception entries log entries, which aren't very helpful to fast get the origin of an exception: Some problems occurs each day at 1:00 for a list Channels logger: "com.intershop.beehive.orm.mssql.internal.locking.MSSQLTransientResourceLock" Possible solution:
AWI-91416 • 06-Feb-2024 • Bug
Description Business Object Replication does sometime create exceptions about "Comparison method violates its general contract" Copied from Repro Steps when changed from Escalation to Problem - within system BO users does trigger business object replication for products, promotions etc. - sometimes
AWI-91377 • 22-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description The customer uses a different host for the PWA than for the ICM backoffice which leads to issues when you create a PWA(3) sitemap with images. In this case the image parameter also uses the PWA host which leads to non working image links. We tried to solve this by setting up two
AWI-91242 • 22-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10, ICM 11
Description The customer encountered a NullPointerException like this when creating a PWA sitemap: [2023-11-15 16:29:35.525 +0100] ERROR localhost ES4 appserver0 [] [] com.intershop.beehive.core.internal.pipeline.PipelineProcessorImpl [] [Unknown] [X4oKADhNC_oAAAGLRtH5HNMZ] [9JQKADhN9cQAAAGLScn.ONOZ]
AWI-91241 • 02-Jan-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The object suggest index build fails with following errors in the logs: [2023-11-03 03:12:55.487 +0000] ERROR localhost ES1 appserver0 [] [] [] [Unknown] [ghGsFHEFDXYAAAFvBzNvjtZN] [UWKsFHEFdiMAAAGLJT9zv5Me]
AWI-91139 • 23-Jan-2024 • Bug • Solr Cloud
Description httpd version less equal 2.4.57 contains vulnerabilities (allowing DOS attacks): The fix contains an update to version 2.4.58. release-as11-merge-done null Bug null Verified Closed null Major AdoWorkItem
AWI-90954 • 11-Dec-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description ErrorPasswordReminder.isml doesn't contain a marker that this page should not be cached. null Bug null Verified Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 90630 Products Products ICM 0 Pull Request 90310 Parent responsive/34.2.5 responsive/40.6.0
AWI-90630 • 24-Nov-2023 • Bug • Responsive Starter Store
Description The blocked stock may be assiged to a higher shop in the hierarchy than the one effectively offering the product. This issue does not affect installation with hierarchical shop usage (at least one Shop2SupplierDO.allowParentStock is set to true.) Actual Behavior test data for a single supplier
AWI-90481 • 24-Oct-2023 • Bug • Intershop Order Management, IOM 4.7
Description Same cookie header is set multiple times at response. This can break the max header size configuration of clients (e.g. CDNs or browsers) Set-Cookie: SecureSessionID-5de7153ded25368d1e6c0fbed3950ce3=90a3c5ab3289e1eecb85b331c470f7a2a57e4e8fb6bfa3b52c4c10bcc405a711; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
AWI-90426 • 11-Dec-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description While executing the pipelet RemoveCatalogCategory during BMEcatImport the customer sometimes get a NPE in: com.intershop.component.catalog.orm.internal.catalog.CatalogMgrImpl.isClassificationCategory( [2023-10-17 22:55:53.403 +0000] ERROR #host# ES1 appserver0 []
AWI-90384 • 26-Feb-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The SOAP interface for creating shop cancellations is not working as expected when multiple line items with the same SKU exist. Copied from Repro Steps when changed from Escalation to Bug Prerequisites: Shop needs to have a ShopOrderValidationDO configured with singlePositionArticle set to
AWI-90354 • 01-Feb-2024 • Bug • IOM 4.7
Description With server restarts transient sessions will create a new cookie, with multiple restart the cookie size will be reached. Fix_with_next_patch release-as11-merge-done null Bug null Verified Closed Mr. Spex;Sportscheck;Musicstore;Operations Critical AdoWorkItem 90328 Products Products ICM 0
AWI-90328 • 14-Dec-2023 • Bug • ICM 7.10
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