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07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISREST-61 ⋮ User Story ⋮ Intershop Progressive Web App
Description [No Description] Chuck Norris (EM - Jena) User Story Experience Management
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ SAAS-196 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps In order to verify performance results we need to add some logging to our messaging. acceptance
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-1461 ⋮ Task
Description Hi Team, Can you please create a new public Jira project for "SAI Global Phase1" (SAIG)
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ IS-5737 ⋮ User Story
Description As a intershop worker I want to have a clear back log with no old unkown stuff. So that I'm
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-429 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Pages in the space Enfinity Devlopment Documentation with label techwritersnippet are reported
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-415 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Round about 13:40 Confluence became very slow. As reported to me it took e.g. several minutes
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-411 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Although the user Mike Ensor can log in to Confluence he is neither searchable not can a
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-374 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Mail from Markus Ritter: das macro verified http method ist fehlerhaft. Die http Methode
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-345 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps The admin section for the Gliffy plugin is not working correctly. A-Team (Build and
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-346 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps There are many errors in the log file like 2014-05-15 15:16:08,060 ERROR [http-8080-85]
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-347 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps The search in Confluence does not provide in every case the correct suggestion, e.g. entering
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-348 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps The linked pdf (Unified APIs Lead To Success In Digital Customer Experience.pdf) on the page
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-336 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Pages which use a lot of jira macros are very slow in loading an updating. An example ist
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ ISTOOLS-332 ⋮ Bug
Repro Steps Calling the "Space Operations" from the space administrator console for ENFDEVDOC produces
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ IS-381 ⋮ User Story
Description As a Shipping Manager I want to be able to create a shipping rules with conditions including
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ IS-219 ⋮ User Story
Description There is a hidden dependency located in ProductNotificationAgentJob and ViewNotificationPreferences_52
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ IS-893 ⋮ User Story
Description Process chains are triggered by a scheduled job. They can themselves trigger other jobs and
07-Sep-2021 ⋮ IS-33310 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Repro Steps Description: There is an REST API "Returns applicable promotions for a product" https://confluence
10-Sep-2021 ⋮ IOM-11367 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Repro Steps see MergeOrderChangeRequestPTBean: the exception and state handling is a bit too simple
22-Sep-2021 ⋮ IOM-11362 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Repro Steps current behavior some change requests may stay in state ACCEPTED, or get the state FAILED_TO_APPLY
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