6461-6480 of 6489
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8889 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: Several resources are locked during BMEcat import. The first domain specific
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8876 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: 1. Create two new shipping and invoice addresses for an user account
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8888 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: If a custom attribute of type ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_OBJECT is assigned to an order
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8873 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: The value of the following flags in the order export output file is always
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8804 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: 1. Create a new enterprise and one B2B channel 2. Create 1,0000 B2B
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8783 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: Step 1 - Log in as admin/intershop/PrcOperations - Create a new
22-Dec-2006 ⋮ ESS8592 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: Imagine, the purchase order list contained about 20 orders. The first 10 orders
15-Sep-2006 ⋮ ESS6041 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: When a pipelet's executed method throws a NullPointerException the pipeleine
08-Mar-2005 ⋮ EST442 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: The Migration Guide: Enfinity to Enfinity MultiSite describes how data can be
03-Aug-2004 ⋮ EST200 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: In the eMC VPM one could easily change the orientation of a pipeline node
09-Jul-2004 ⋮ EST387 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: The ANT JAR build fails because Enfinity and Enfinity Studio have different
07-Dec-2007 ⋮ EST122 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: 1. Add a pipelet to a pipeline 2. Go to the property editor and
28-Jun-2004 ⋮ EST158 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: If used together with ClearCase integration, the pipeline comparer batch
12-Mar-2004 ⋮ EST159 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: tLoc is unable to handle orphan ISLOC tags. If an opening ISLOC tag is
12-Mar-2004 ⋮ EST160 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: tLoc produces invalid XML. When encountering HTML representations of special
27-May-2004 ⋮ EST211 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: The main cartridge build file (build.xml) contains the targets "init_cartridge"
07-Dec-2007 ⋮ EST239 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: Enfinity Studio is delivered with a number of migration tools. One of
13-Feb-2004 ⋮ EST29 ⋮ Bug
Problem Description: Sometimes, for example after a refesh of the cartridge in cartridge explorer
28-Jun-2004 ⋮ EST39 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: 1. Create a new pipelet 2. Go to Cartridge Explorer 3. Go to a
13-Aug-2004 ⋮ EST41 ⋮ Bug
Steps to Replicate Problem: 1. Go to the Pipelet Config value Editor -> Selection Editor Type:
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