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03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-701 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Pipelines that have "-" in the names are not displayed in cartridge explorer Expected
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-700 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When changes are made to cartridge dependencies, they are not reflected in properties
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-698 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: cartridgeModel.cartridge is opened instead ISML Template Expected behavior:
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-699 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Create New template popup doesn't show Expected behavior: Create New template
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-697 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When a pipeline is renamed, defined permissions are lost Expected behavior: Pipeline
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-696 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Pipelines that have "-" in the names are not displayed in cartridge explorer Expected
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-694 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Pagelet model isn't changed. Selected date value is not saved as default in pagelet
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-693 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Parameters are not shown in Pipeline Dictionary view Expected behavior: Parameters
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-692 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: User is not able to add start parameters using context menu Expected behavior:
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-689 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: The description field in new pipeline parameter dialog doesn't show entered value
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-690 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Click on a cartridge in Workspace Cartridges in cartridge explorer leads to error
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-688 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: User is not able to move pipeline among folders (pipeline groups) in cartridge explorer
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-687 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: The is no Overwrite option for inherited pipelines. User is not able to copy pipeline
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-686 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Rename is successful but following error messages appear in .log: !ENTRY com.intershop
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-685 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: Pipelet node became "test_cartridge:TestPipelet1 (unresolved)" (you must close pipeline
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-683 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: The following exception is thrown when user tries to rename cartridge in cartridge
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-682 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: There is no default template for cartridge creation. As a result when a new cartridge
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-681 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: When creating a debug configuration the 'Debugged Site' field and the Browse button
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-679 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: The component instance documentation contains all former instances, but with out
03-May-2016 ⋮ ESTUDIO-676 ⋮ Bug
Actual behavior: The API Documentation provides a link for the cartridge ac_bmecat and artifact Application
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