Using the Update Site

Welcome to the Intershop Studio Update Site. This README contains important information how to use this site.

It covers the following topics:

Update Site Configuration

  1. Start Intershop Studio
  2. Invoke Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites
  3. Add update site for Intershop Studio (e.g. if none is configured yet:
    1. Click Add... to open Add Site wizard
    2. Enter an arbitrary name as Name:
    3. Enter the update site location as Location:, e.g.
    4. Click OK to close Add Site wizard
  4. Disable all other sites
  5. Click OK to close Available Software Sites preference

Perform an Update

  1. Make sure the Intershop Studio Update Site is configured properly as exclusive site (see previous steps)
  2. Invoke Help > Check for Updates and wait for the progress bar to finish
  3. Click Next > in the update selection dialog
  4. Click Next > in the review and confirmation dialog
  5. Select I accept the terms ...
  6. Click Finish and wait for the progress bar to finish
  7. Click OK if a Security Warning dialog pops up
  8. Click Yes in the restart confirmation dialog