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Commerce Suite Release 7.6 is available

In November, the release 7.6 of the Intershop Commerce Suite was be published.

Depending on your business model, you can now choose between the B2C edition and the B2X edition which contains additional B2B features:

  • Contract Management
  • Cost Center- and Budget Management with integrated order approval
  • Quick Navigation and enhanced pricelist import

More Innovation. Enhanced Synaptic Commerce API.

  • Standard-Payment-API
  • Reworked Payment-Framework

The new responsive Blue Print Store is there.

  • Responsive Blue Print Store
  • Rich Snippets

The reliable platform is a guarantee for success.

  • Openstack Support
  • Java 8 Update
  • Public Nexus Server

ICI Users: Please Update Your URL!

From Tuesday, September 22, the URL will NOT BE AVAILABLE anymore.

Please be sure to edit your settings and declare as the valid address.

Thank you!

New Patch 7.5.3 is published with an adjoining Hotfix

Patch Intershop is published, but due to a dbmigrate issue you need to be aware of this:

Please keep in mind to include Hotfix IS-9232 into your Intershop assembly additionally. It fixes a problem during dbmigrate and it is an absolutely must have if you are running your localization via database and the LOCALIZATIONENTRY table is not empty in your previous version.

Knowledge Base: New Document Types and Content

Huge Knowledge Base enhancements have been made throughout the last days. Our documentation team has set up Topic and Landing Pages for a better orientation. They are included as Overview, a separate Document Type.

The left hand side navigation has been improved for developer documentation, too. You can now find parent and child documents of the current document there.

All documents concerning Gradle/Continuous Integration are now available without Login! Additionally, all Concepts, References, Guides, Overviews are open for everyone, too.

The last part of our latest Knowledge Base rework is the publication of our Intershop Glossary, where you can find definitions and information on almost all Intershop specific terms.

We hope you will now be able to faster find the information you seek.

Bookmarks and Saved Searches available for Knowledge Base

This morning, two new features have been implemented to the Knowledge Base.

  1. Bookmarked Documents and
  2. Saved Searches

Both can help you to organize useful documents.
To save a search, click on the button at the right hand side of the KB Search Results Page.
To bookmark favorite documents, use the bookmark icon in the Search Results Page or click on "bookmark" - also located on the top right corner of the documents page. There, you will also find your personal library.

You can add categories and comments to your bookmarks and saved searches, if you want to. A simple sharing option is also given.

We hope, that this addition to our Knowledge Base will improve your daily work. We are always working on continuously improving our services, so please share your personal experience with us!

We have regained the ISO certification for customer centric support for another 3 years!

The last weeks have been busy not just in terms of supporting you in technical issues, but in management, administration, documentation and many more aspects of our daily work.

2015 is a year where a full audit concerning the ISO certification takes place.
All elements of our Quality Management System have been reviewed, re-organized, updated and presented as part of our "Top Quality Service" to the auditors.

On Friday, June 26, the last part of the process, the on-site deep dive has taken place. Many questions have been asked, many processes checked. Many more answers have been given and smiles exchanged.

"To enhance customer satisfaction, we have to take care of three layers. The first is the basic layer, where all necessary functionalities have to be implemented in. The second layer is depending on effort. The more effort we take in making a good job, the more pleased our customers are. And last, on top, the third layer of excitement has to be taken care of. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by increasing quality and quantity of services in all of those layers."

- This is what I told the Auditor. This is what I strive for! So do we all and this is why for another three years, we are granted the ISO certification of customer centric support services.

Thank you for all your feedback, which is crucial in determining your high appreciation for our work.
As always, feel free to comment documents and Support cases. Tell us your opinion using the Feedback form. We are counting on your assistance!

Anke Beber, Technical Writer at Intershop Customer Support

Did you update your Intershop 7 software yet?
In April, the latest Patch for our Intershop 7 software was released. Intershop summarizes a couple of defects that have been detected and solved. You can find the new version within the "Product Updates" section.
Demo Server for Intershop

Time to explore the latest Intershop 7 version on our Demo Server

Customer Support is ready to present the Demo Server for Intershop 7. The Server contains the PrimeTech demo scenario and a sandbox for content management.

The Demo Server is accessible for all customers, so the content may change. If you need a dedicated system, then create one for your own or contact our sales department. The system is monitored by our Support Team and will be rolled back if critical functions are out of order.

Let your eyes and fingers go on a journey to discover that Intershop 7 is more than just an e-commerce system.

New Technical Training available

The Training Department offers a new course: The Intershop 7 – Project- / CI Infrastructure-Setup.

The course starts with practical tasks around preparation and usage of a CI infrastructure. It covers the needed gradle- based Build-, Publishing- and Deployment processes of an environment, that has been introduced with version 7.4CI and improved with version 7.5.
Another focus is put on preparation of projects. Here we cover the SVN setup for simple and advanced component sets as well as assembly structures.
Finally the the environment of developers is being prepared. This allows the creation of selected Intershop 7 components.
Ultimately an automated build of snapshots and releases is configured and triggered.

What you will learn

  • Preparation of an IS7 Installation
  • Preparation of simple and sophisticated IS7 projects
  • Preparation of a build server for automatic snapshot and release generation
  • Setup and usage of a development environment
  • Creation of project-specific IS7-artefacts and check-in into SVN
  • Automatic generation of snapshots/releases
Gradle Overview

If you are looking for a page that sums all current information and documents that are available for the Gradle environment, take a look at the Gradle-Based Build and Deployment Homepage.
This document is a short overview about the available documentation of the build and deployment tools. It should help you to start working with the Gradle-based build and deployment.

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