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Within the releases ICM / ICM as well as ICM a serious replication issue occurred. This was discovered only after the release of these versions. We are forced to recall these releases. Please take a look at bugs 76131 / 76328 and check if your project is affected or not. Intershop is already working on a solution and will provide new hotfixes as soon as possible. We thank your for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why was the version recalled? And why are the problems not simply solved with the next patch?

The version contains issues that can lead to data problems that are difficult to fix. We want to avoid that customers run into these problems.

We have already started an update project based on Do we need to stop the update project immediately?

The code is still available in the artifact repository. A started project can be further developed on local development environments with this version. As soon as a subsequent release is available, an update to this current version must take place. Deployments of releases on PRD environments and live operations based on LTS must not take place. Deployments to UAT environments or other test environments are also not recommended, as the data of these environments can be affected.

How long is it likely to be before a "fixed" version is available?

We would like to deliver a corresponding release in CW20.

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