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Tax Rate Changes

Due to temporarily tax rate changes, aggreed by German government, please read that useful "How To ..." knowledge base article.

How to Adjust The Taxrate For a Certain Time

Upcoming holidays

Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Day)

Friday, November 27 (Day After Thanksgiving)

Friday, December 25 (Winter Break)

Support News

Hotfix ICM has been released

Today, a Hotfix for the Intershop Commerce Management has been released.
The installation is recommended due to the fixation of some issues.

You will find all information on the referring Product Data Sheet:

The corresponding Intershop responsive Blueprint Store version is 16.0.1 ... Intershop Progressive Webapp 0.24.0

Please bear in mind it is required to perform a DBMIGRATE to gather all changes since the patch level has been changed.

Current patch level:

  • ICM 7.10 -
  • ICM 7.9 -
  • ICM 7.8 -
  • ICM 7.7 –
  • ICM 7.6 –
  • IS 7.5 –
  • IOM 2.1 –
  • IOM 2.9 –
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