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    Moving of Intershop Maven and Ivy repositories to the cloud

    Intershop is moving our Maven and Ivy repositories (https://repository.intershop.de) to a SaaS solution. In October we will provide a new configuration for your Intershop Maven- or Ivy-repositories. URL, usernames and passwords must be changed for the new environment. According to our documentation “Cookbook - Setup CI Infrastructure“ (https://support.intershop.com/kb/279D85) the use of a proxy cache like Sonatype Nexus becomes necessary. The new environment will require a proxy cache and a defined order of external repositories. Intershop is monitoring the download and request numbers, which are limited. 

    If a proxy cache is not in place already, then please set it up as soon as possible. 

    At the end of October, Intershop will shut down 'repository.intershop.de' and activate a policy for measuring downloads and requests. We will inform you in time about the new URL and the new access data. If you have any question, please contact our Support or Partner management team. 

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