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09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78692 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description When using the selective inbound product sharing in a channel, the search does not return
08-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78678 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description Product Attribute Groups import has problems with domain assignments This is a security
08-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78645 ⋮ Bug
Description default boolean areSematicallyEquivalent(ColumnType typeX, ColumnType typeY) was removed
08-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78615 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description Clicking on price list import in the backoffice (ViewChannelPriceListImport-SelectFile) can
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78613 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description If an order approval is rejected in OMT and the subsequent processing fails for any reason
02-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78547 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description Trying to open a replicated Shared Classification Catalog in the live ICM back office results
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78544 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Actual Behavior Calling both urls and comparing: /clusterstatus does not return any information in "services"
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78542 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Repro Steps Blueprints Postman collection:curl --location --request POST 'http://localhost:8080/rest
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78529 ⋮ Task ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description The enum java name is now persisted as column "transmissionTypeName" in the db table TransmissionTypeDefDO
04-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78526 ⋮ Bug
Description "token" resource return 500 in case organization can't be found. Actual Behavior POST https://user
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78501 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description The method ShopDO.getEventRegistryEntryList() will modify the shops field eventRegistryEntryList
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78363 ⋮ Bug ⋮ Intershop Order Management
Description Copied from Repro Steps when changed from Escalation to BugWhen trying to map an order to
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78323 ⋮ Bug
Description When rejecting/declining a return request, and no comment is given I get HTTP-400, but the
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78324 ⋮ Bug
Actual Behavior When sending a second (or more) approvals/rejections, the API does not respond, that
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78325 ⋮ Bug
Actual Behavior When getting a return request, there a ~5 additional endpoints to get further data.I
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78319 ⋮ Bug
Actual Behavior When sending, f.e., the body to create a return request to the endpoint for approval
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78322 ⋮ Bug
Actual Behavior This example found in https://intranet.intershop.com/kb/index.php/Display/2F9406 contradicts
08-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78289 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description Product Attribute Groups export/import has problems with decimal definition and domain assignments
02-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78272 ⋮ Bug ⋮ ICM 7.10
Description Some customers migrate from ICM to throws
09-Aug-2022 ⋮ AWI-78212 ⋮ Bug
Description Getting HTTP 500 instead of 400, when trying to create return-request via REST, which is
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