Description Resource leak in QueryORMObjectCollection when using size and iterator methods (size first, then iterator). Steps to Repeat There is a cartridge code scenario which will lead to below exception "Finalizer" Closing query result via finalize method. java.lang.Throwable: Stack trace on 'QueryResult'
AWI-98052 • 17-Jul-2024 • Issue
Description PR Type [x] Bugfix [ ] Feature [ ] Code style update (formatting, local variables) [ ] Refactoring (no functional changes, no API changes) [ ] Build-related changes [ ] CI-related changes [ ] Documentation content changes [ ] Application / infrastructure changes [ ] Other: What Is the Current
AWI-97249 • 24-Jun-2024 • Issue
Description The "Advanced Variation Handling" ( of the ICM products REST API relies on the presence of the MasterSKU to be able to filter variations for a specific master product. All the default demo shop search index configurations contain
AWI-97017 • 14-Jun-2024 • Issue
Description The PendingPaymentOrderCreationChain is skipped when the notification is processed before the callback. The issue is also present when implementing the NotificationRouting capability. Use cases: Callback completed before Notification Notification comes in before callback Notification only
AWI-91614 • 08-Feb-2024 • Issue • ICM 7.10, Responsive Starter Store
Description updates from solrj8.11.1 to 8.11.2 sets match version in solrconfig from 8.9.0 to 8.11.2 null Issue null Moved out of state Resolved Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 83270 Search Search Service Impl Products Products 0 Fixed in Commit 83122 Predecessor responsive/32.4.1 responsive/34.2.2 solrcloud/3
AWI-83270 • 22-May-2023 • Issue • Responsive Starter Store, Solr Cloud
Description Solr Index build creates a lot of "info" logs like: Solr API request ListAliases was successful Solr API request DynamicFields was successful added 500 documents to index, status:0 ... This logging is moved to debug level. null Issue null Moved out of state Resolved Closed null Major AdoWorkItem
AWI-78724 • 21-Jun-2023 • Issue • Solr Cloud
Description Steps to Repeat: Login SF inTRONICS Business as a user who is the main user of his company e.g Go to My Account -> Branding Click "Browse..."-Button Choose a picture, click "Open" and "Upload"-> it is shown correct Choose a xml/log/pdf/e.g-file click "Open" and
IS-23992 • 09-Feb-2024 • Issue • ICM 11, Responsive Starter Store
Description The method "getPageletEntryPointByID" of the "PageletEntryPointMgrImpl" can return "null" if the PageletEntryPoint for the Domain was not found. This causes a NPE at line 88 inside the "CreateContentBreadcrumbs"-Pipelet. It would be great if this NPE was catched and a way to react to this
AWI-98317 • 22-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description The description in the BO for IG_NewUsers customer segment isnt 100% correct. All registered customers before they place their second order. Upon registration, customers are automatically assigned to the group \"New Customers\". Once registered customers have placed their first order, return
AWI-98243 • 22-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description When using ViewOCICatalogPWA-Start pipeline for OCI punchout, the redirect to the PWA does not work when request parameters contain reserved characters, like "&", "=" or "#". Only affects null Bug null Verified Closed null Major AdoWorkItem 98172 Punchout Products Products
AWI-98172 • 18-Jul-2024 • Bug
Description The live AS has following stacktrace, in case an empty file must be transferred. {"@timestamp":"2024-07-11T18:16:57.592Z","@version":"1","message":"Pipelet ProcessReplication failed!","logger_name":"com.intershop.beehive.core.pipelet.staging.process.ProcessReplication","thread_name":"Sta
AWI-98144 • 18-Jul-2024 • Bug
Description Cybersource cartridge does not map the billing information correctly. It contains the fixed value "locality" for city. Steps to Repeat - setup ICM with cybersource cartridge 1.2.5 - do some payments - the payment does contain billing information with city locality valueExpected Behavior data
AWI-98126 • 22-Jul-2024 • Bug
Description A bunch of INFO messages when running a transport job from the Intershop SFTP to the shared filesystem are logged. At the end the info says "Caught an exception, leaving main loop due to Socket closed" even if the transfer was successful and the files were copied. ... [2024-06-27 11:17:10
AWI-98121 • 18-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Even though the data for ServiceLineItems and StaticAddresses are cleaned up boefore the parent object is delete within the domain clean-up job, there may be entries left over and cause a constraint violation errors (ORA-02292). The following tables are involved: ServiceLineItem / ServiceLineItem_AV
AWI-98071 • 16-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description A customer is complaining about a problem with form submission (contact form and subscription form). The API endpoint (/contact for example) returns a 401 Unauthorized error: Unauthorized (Captcha authentication required) if the forms are submitted instantly after you added some values to
AWI-97965 • 04-Jul-2024 • Bug • Intershop Progressive Web App
Description According to documentation Concept - DBPrepare, section "DBPrepare-Cartridge-Initialization" the migration preparers are executed during "cartridge initialization" in case no exists. According to documentation ("DBPrepare cartridge migration will be executed during the initialization")
AWI-97916 • 11-Jul-2024 • Bug
Description If you subscribed for a product stock or price notification and the product is offline you will get a 500 response if you check the notifications tab in the Customer Account. Solution: Included a check if the product is offline If a product is taken offline, it will no longer be shown on
AWI-97917 • 08-Jul-2024 • Bug
Description Currently the newly added support for Ubuntu was missing the possibility set the target platform for Ubuntu via Gradle deployment configuration like: target { platform = 'linux.ubuntu.x86_64' } null Bug null Fixed and verified Closed De Bijenkorf Minor AdoWorkItem 97905 Products Products
AWI-97905 • 15-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10, Responsive Starter Store
Description It is possible to import a product where only a step quantity is defined (without warnings) but on export the step quantity wont be included in the export because no packaging unit was defined If you add a step quantity in the backoffice there is an explicit hint that it is mandatory to also
AWI-97900 • 17-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
Description Shell scripts in <eserver>/local/bin still contain shebang "#!/bin/sh" instead of "#!/bin/bash". This may lead to problems in Ubuntu, since Ubuntu is linking "sh" to a shell called "dash" as described here:
AWI-97856 • 15-Jul-2024 • Bug • ICM 7.10
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