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1 Dependencies provided by Application Server or IOM Artifacts

There are two types of Maven dependencies that are now set to the scope provided:

  1. Artifacts provided by Wildfly/JBoss
  2. Artifacts provided by other IOM artifacts

They are not redundantly deployed with IOM artifacts anymore. Since provided dependencies are not transitive, those dependencies have to be stated explicitly in every project depending on them as it is also best practice.

This affects customization artifacts that are depedending on artifacts which were compile or runtime dependencies of IOM, so that they could have been used transitively without stating them explicitly (not recommended). Adding those dependencies to the POM with the scope provided should resolve build failures.

Common examples for dependencies provided by Wildfly:

  • com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-core
  • com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind
  • com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-annotations
  • commons-io:commons-io


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