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Starting with Intershop Commerce Suite 7.9 the Email a friend link at the storefront has been changed to a mailto: type of link. As a result when clicking on the link the user's mail client will be opened instead of showing a form and allowing the user to send the mail using the ICM mail service.

All relevant artifacts have been removed and the preference "intershop.CaptchaPreferences.EmailAFriend" is no longer prepared during DBinit. The preference is not removed automatically during DBbmigrate and will be available in the Commerce Management application.


Keeping the Old Functionality

When migrating the changes from the standard ICM storefront you should keep the following app_sf_responsive artifacts:

  • ProcessRecommendProduct.pipeline
  • ViewEmailProduct.pipeline
  • RecommendProductMail.isml
  • EmailProduct.isml
  • EmailAFriend.webform and the corresponding properties file

Ignore the Email a friend related changes to:

  • app_sf_responsive
    • email_*.properties localization files
    • product_* localization files
    • ProductTools.isml
  • <share>/system/config/cluster (from bc_urlrewrite)
    • urlrewriterules.xml

Migrating to the New Functionality

Besides migrating the changes from the standard ICM, you should remove the "intershop.CaptchaPreferences.EmailAFriend" preference from the database.

If the preference is not removed it will be displayed among the CAPTCHA preferences in the Commerce Management application, but will not affect the system in any way.


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