Guide - 7.9 Migration Password Reminder and Password Retrieval Preferences

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In previous ICM versions the password reminder preferences were used when resetting the password from both the Commerce Management and the storefront. With 7.9 distinct preferences are available for both cases:

  • The password reminder preferences are used from the storefront via the Forgot your password link.
  • The password retrieval preferences are used from the Commerce Management.

If you want to still have the same values for both sets of preferences, then the password reminder preference values should be copied to the password retrieval preference values:

  • From PasswordReminderEmailFrom to PasswordRetrievalEmailFrom
  • From PasswordReminderEmailSubject to PasswordRetrievalEmailSubject
  • From PasswordReminderEmailTemplate to PasswordRetrievalEmailTemplate

The preference values could be set as default values by editing the corresponding rows in the PreferenceDefinition table.


IS-16997 - Preferences PasswordRetrievalEmailFrom and PasswordRetrievalEmailSubject on channel level (BO not working)


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