Video Tutorial - Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI) Part 2 - Features Explained

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This document represents a functional introduction of our Intershop Commerce Insight (ICI).

With Intershop Commerce Insight, a systematic and continuous analysis of key system metrics of your Intershop system is possible in order to respond effectively to demands while steadily developing the customer experience.

The Intershop Commerce Insight offers many functionalities to analyze an Intershop E-commerce system to the bottom. This video tutorial will give you an introduction of the following topics:

  • Basic Report - Technical Report – System Response Time
  • Technical Report - Pipeline Details
  • Technical Report - Top-Level Request
  • Technical Report - Application Server Errors

  • Marketing Report - Sessions

If you want to learn more about all the functions of the Intershop Commerce Insight, please follow the reference link below and use the Intershop Knowledge Base.


Video Tutorial


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