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Intershop Progressive Web App

Guide - Intershop Progressive Web App - Optimizations


Nginx Optimizations

The Nginx building block applies:

  • Compression of responses
  • PageSpeed optimization

for further information, please refer to the Guide - Building and Running nginx.

Custom Webpack Build

The PWA uses a customized webpack build, that opens the doors to additional optimizations.
The build can be customized in the file webpack.custom.ts.

If the PWA is built using production configuration. (Either by building with --configuration=<other>,production or by building the docker image with --build-arg configuration=<other>,production), the following optimizations are applied:

  • Angular CLI build-optimizer
  • Webpack SplitChunksPlugin is instructed to produce only main, vendor, polyfills and one common bundle for the code for optimized compression and download of the application.
  • All data-testing attributes are removed from the HTML templates to reduce output.
  • PurgeCSS is used to remove unused CSS classes from the CSS output.
    Configuration, especially safelisting certain classes, can be done on the plugin configuration or directly in your CSS with a special comment.

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